Who Is HazelE’s Husband? HazelE Confirms Her Split From Her Husband!

Erica Adams is an American TV personality and rapper who is best known by her stage name, Hazel-E. She is also very popular on social media. She has over 830K followers on Instagram, where she often posts photos. Because her family was in the military, she moved around a lot when she was a child and a teen.

She found out early on that she was good at something and started singing when she was very young. Because she moves around a lot, she is influenced by music from many different artists and genres. Hazel was an actor at first, and then she worked as a publicist for several well-known artists. She became well-known after she was seen with a well-known person. She has shown that she is a strong, smart, and successful woman.

Because of her personal and professional life, she is always in the news. Follow the article to find out why this woman is in the news.

Who Is HazeleE’s Husband?

HazelE is married to Devon Waller. They both have a daughter. However, she recently said that she and her husband were no longer together.

Who Is HazelE's Husband? HazelE Confirms Her Split From Her Husband!

From what The Jasmine Brand says, “The former Love & Hip Hop star recently posted a message about peace and healing that seemed to confirm she had left her allegedly abusive husband. Hazel says that her ex-husband has also hurt their daughter.”

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Devon Allegedly Abused Her And Her Daughter

In an Instagram video to friends and fans, the 42-year-old actress said that she was ready to be single again and that things between her and De’von had reached a very low point. Hazel, on the other hand, is glad to be able to leave. She said, “I’m so happy to be on this trip. I required it. Healing, some self-love. It’s not been simple.”

Who Is HazelE's Husband? HazelE Confirms Her Split From Her Husband!

After trying for a while to keep quiet about the end of her marriage, Hazel tells her supporters that she’s finally ready to move on from the allegedly toxic relationship in which she confronted De’Von about cheating and he allegedly gave her daughter a black eye.

In her Instagram story, Hazel-E posted photos of what looked like bruises on her daughter Ava’s face and arm. The mom then sent De’Von a video from inside her house that seemed to show him getting angry while changing Ava’s diaper.

Who Is HazelE's Husband? HazelE Confirms Her Split From Her Husband!

She also showed a message she supposedly sent to De’Von and a mistress about how she thought he was cheating on her. The mother said that she tried to make things work between her daughter and Waller before she talked about their private business.

Meet HazelE’s Husband On Instagram

Hazel’s husband Devon Waller was previously present on @devonwallerofficial. However, now he has removed his account.

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HazelE’s daughter Ava also has an IG account under the name @avadiorwaller. She has 91.4K followers. Her account is managed by her mother. The couple also shares a dog named Abu Dhabi.


Hazel is also present on Instagram under the handle @hazelebaby. She boasts of 1.4M followers there. In her bio, she wrote, “🇭 🇦 🇿 🇪 🇱 -🇪 | Public figure🔹#AvaDior Mom🔹Girl Code Vol. 2 now streaming🔹[email protected]🔹#NationOfHazel🔹CEO @girlcodeinc🔹@youvebeenhazedpodcast.”

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