Who Is India Arie’s Husband? The Musician Had Been Engaged Once

India Arie was born India Arie Simpson in Denver, Colorado, on October 3, 1975. Her mother, Joyce, who used to sing and is now India Arie’s stylist, and her father, Ralph Simpson, who used to play basketball in the ABA and NBA, both helped her learn music when she was young.

During her school years in Denver, Colorado, she tried out a number of musical instruments, but it wasn’t until she started playing the guitar at the Savannah College of Art and Design that she had an epiphany about songwriting and performing. “I started to understand people better when I started to use my sensitivity.” She said this at the press release for her first album, Acoustic Soul.

India Arie is also on the album A Time to Love by Stevie Wonder, which came out on October 18, 2005. Besides talking about her career, we’re here to talk about India. Arie’s private life. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Who Is India Arie’s Husband? Is Arie Married?

Arie is not married yet. Neither does she have any rumored nor any confirmed relationship with anyone right now. In June 2020, there were a lot of rumors that Arie had been secretly dating American actor Chris Tucker for 13 years. The rumors spread like wildfire, and fans sent pictures to back up their claims.

Who Is India Arie's Husband? The Musician Had Been Engaged Once

In a short amount of time, the singer became a popular topic on Twitter. It didn’t take long for her to hear about the buzz, and after some time, she quickly shut down all fan theories in a series of tweets.

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In his first post, Arie said he didn’t believe the rumors and said that the gossip was a strong black love “tea.”

In another tweet, she addressed the rumors and said she wasn’t dating Tucker. Instead, she said that they had gone on a couple of dates thirteen years ago, but she couldn’t remember what happened.

Who Is India Arie's Husband? The Musician Had Been Engaged Once

In her last post, the “Steady Love” singer told her followers, “I feel you for those of you who LOVED the idea of Chris Tucker and I as a couple LOL.”

It is believed that India dated Musiq Soulchild in January 2002. However, the couple split up just after 5 months of dating.

India Arie Had Been Engaged Once

The musician also talked about how she trusted her instincts before getting into a relationship. Still, she hasn’t ever been in a serious relationship. According to her interview on The Real on January 26, 2020, the 47-year-old was almost engaged twice.

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She even got engaged to one of her boyfriends and made plans for her future life as a wife, but the relationship eventually ended. However, she doesn’t reveal the identity of her ex-fiance.

Who Is India Arie's Husband? The Musician Had Been Engaged Once

She said that every man would make her tingle. If she felt the tingling on her right side, she would turn down the man, but if it happened on her left side, she would like the person.

Continuing the conversation, the interviewer asked Arie if she wanted to get married someday. She answered cheerfully, “Kind of.” The soul singer said she wanted to be with someone she could marry.

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