Is Megan Moroney Dating Morgan Wallen? Here’s What We Know!

Megan Moroney has been getting a lot of views on social media by posting covers and her own songs, like “Tennessee Orange,” which is her most recent release.

“Wonder” and Pistol Made of Roses, her first EP, came out in February 2021 and July 2022, respectively. Moroney has been successful even though he hasn’t worked with a big record label or team. He has mostly moved up in his field by doing things on his own.

Megan Moroney was the main act that opened for Chase Matthew on July 23 at Elevation at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Her new TikTok video has made people think that she and Morgan Wallen might be dating. Is she really dating the singer from Tennessee? Keep reading this article to learn more.

Is Megan Moroney Really Dating Morgan Wallen – TikTok Video Sparked Dating Rumors

The idea that Megan Moroney and Morgan were dating started with a Tiktok video and her new song “Tennessee Orange”.

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Megan’s new song is about how much she loves the blue-eyed boy who makes her feel like she’s at home. Even though she is learning the words to “Rocky Top” here, she says this is not Athens. After she was hurt in a “Hair Salon,” her heart was stolen at the game.

Megan says that he is making her do things she never thought she would do, and her mother is worried about her. But this boy answers the door and doesn’t leave her crying, so Mom is starting to think she likes it. Even so, Dad still doesn’t like him.

People who watched the video think that the “blue-eyed guy” could be Mogan Wallen.
On the YouTube channel BangersOnly, the song’s lyrics video has a lot of comments about both stars. User Erika Mcpeak Martin commented, “Cute song and supposed to be about Morgan Wallen. I get it but there isn’t a man alive that could make me wear crimson red . Go Vols!”, Another user Jon J exclaimed, “Morgan Wallen got a keeper in her”, user Karen Scott further added, “Absolutely”.

However, Reddit user Go_withthe_flow22 said, “Mikaela posted on the tiktok that’s circulating that it’s not true.”

Megan Moroney shared a story on her Instagram handle, with the words, “The closest I’ll ever get to liking anything about Tennesse is this song”.

Is Megan Moroney Dating Morgan Wallen? Here's What We Know!

However, none of the parties have confirmed or denied the ongoing speculations.

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Who Is Morgan Wallen Dating?

It seems like Morgan is single right now. However, He was dating Paige Lorenze from 2021-Feb 2022. “I love you and I’m so proud of you @morganwallen,” Lorenze, 24, wrote on her Instagram Story on February 10 alongside a photo of her kissing the “Sand in My Boots” singer, 28.

Is Megan Moroney Dating Morgan Wallen? Here's What We Know!

After seeing each other for six months, Wallen and Lorenze broke up. In February 2022, Us found out that the Daily Girl Summer founder started the breakup.

After almost five months, Lorenze moved on with Tyler Cameron, who was on The Bachelorette. “They are going out. In July 2022, a source told Us, “It’s still new.” “They don’t want anyone to know.”

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