Is Miles Nazaire Dating Vanessa Bauer?

So, big changes are blowing through the world of Dancing On Ice, and it looks like the infamous curse has struck again. This time, the spotlight is on Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea. He’s hitting the ice solo after parting ways with his now-ex, Amelie Esquenet, just a few months before the show kicks off in January.

Love in posh Chelsea is always full of surprises, and Miles and Amelie’s romance is no different. They made things Instagram official in July, but now they’ve slammed on the brakes right before Miles takes on the icy challenge of Dancing on Ice.

According to The Sun, the split wasn’t some dramatic blowout; it was more like a mutual decision that their paths were going in different directions. It seems like they decided to end things on good terms, showing a mature way to break up in the public eye.

Now that the love chapter is closed, Miles Nazaire is stepping onto the slippery stage of Dancing on Ice, swapping the comfort of couplehood for the solo thrill of skating. But the burning question is still hanging in the air: who, if anyone, is Miles skating into the sunset with now? Who is his girlfriend? Let’s dive in and figure out the mystery of Miles Nazaire’s current relationship status.

Are Miles Nazaire And Vanessa Bauer In A Relationship?

Fresh off his chill breakup with fitness guru Amélie Esquenet, Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea seems to be gearing up for a new adventure. This time, it looks like the ice rink might just be the place where his heart starts doing the cha-cha. Word on the street is that Miles has found a new partner, and we’re not just talking about dance moves – it could be in matters of the heart. Enter Dancing On Ice sensation Vanessa Bauer.

So, the infamous “curse” of Dancing On Ice is back, or at least that’s what the fans are buzzing about. Vanessa Bauer, who partnered with reality star Joey Essex last year, knows how to grab headlines both on and off the ice. Now, all eyes are on her rumored chemistry with Miles.

Insiders spill the tea, hinting that Miles and Vanessa’s on-ice partnership might be turning into something more. The Sun dropped hints about a budding connection, suggesting they could be the perfect match, both on and off the rink. As Miles finds himself back on the market, the grapevine suggests, “Miles and Vanessa are a perfect match and have potential for great chemistry – both in and out of the rink.”

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Social media is also adding fuel to the fire of their speculated connection. Miles has been sharing pics and videos featuring Vanessa, showing a comfort and camaraderie that goes beyond just being buddies. In a recent social media dump, fans couldn’t help but notice the apparent closeness, with one cheeky fan predicting, “Definitely be a couple in no time knowing Miles 🙈😂.”

But hey, despite the compelling evidence on social media, both Miles and Vanessa are keeping tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship. Until we get the official word from either side, fans are left in suspense, wondering if this on-ice partnership is going to turn into a love story fit for reality TV history. All eyes are on Miles Nazaire and Vanessa Bauer as they glide through the mysteries of romance on the frosty dance floor of Dancing On Ice.

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