James Keach Divorce With Jane Seymour

After 22 years of marriage, Jane Seymour and James Keach have officially divorced.

According to TMZ, the 64-year-old actress and her fourth spouse finally reached an agreement over their finances and shared assets after starting the official separation process in 2013.

According to documents filed, Jane, who shares a home in Malibu with the 68-year-old actor and producer and is the mother of 19-year-old twin sons John and Kristopher, will also inherit the couple’s property in England. She will also receive a $132,000 payment in exchange for the James’ season tickets to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Along with splitting their Sherwood Country Club membership, the couple also accumulated gold coins with an estimated worth of over $200,000 that they will each receive a portion of.

James Keach Divorce With Jane Seymour

When they were coworkers on the set of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” in 1993, Jane married her ex-husband. She will continue to own the rights to the show as well as any future earnings from the Oscar-winning film “Walk The Line,” which they cowrote.

Even though they have maintained decent relations, the beauty admitted she still laments the end of their marriage.

In the 1973 film “Live And Let Die,” Jane, who played a Bond girl, said: “I still get really upset about it, but he made the choice, not me. We remain friendly and share parenting of our twin boys.

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Jane, who also has children Katherine and Sean with her third husband, David Flynn, has found love again with an old friend, David Green, despite her anguish at the breakup.

She said, “I met (my new man) for the first time 35 years ago. His name is David Green.” He is the owner of September Films. We enjoy spending time with one other since we are in the same point in our life.

James Keach Biography

On December 7, 1947, James Keach was born in Savannah, Georgia. He was raised in an acting and directing household. He later received a degree from Northwestern University and a master’s from Yale School of Drama.

He has appeared in films like “Cannon Ball,” “Love Letters,” “The Razor’s Edge,” “Walk the Line,” “Kung Fu,” “Switch,” “Starsky and Hutch,” and “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” in co-starring, guest-starring, and supporting roles. The Forgotten, The Young Riders, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Blackout, JAG, The District, and Waiting for Forever are just a few of the films he has directed. The Forgotten, Murder in the Mirror, Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kemple, Walk the Line, Blind Dating, and Waiting for Forever are just a few of the films he has produced.

James Keach Divorce With Jane Seymour

His ex-wife is actress Jane Seymour, and his brother is fellow actor Stacy Keach. The marriage between James and Jane lasted till 2015. Twin sons were one of their two offspring. He also has a son from a prior union with Holly Collins, Judy Collins’ sister.

James and Jane paid $4.5 million for Stacy Keach’s clifftop Malibu property in 2004. The existing structures on Stacy’s six-acre property were in complete disrepair and she had owned it for more than 25 years. According to reports, Jane and James invested $5 million in renovations over several years. The outcome was a magnificent 6,300 square foot Tudor-style estate with a recording studio and a theater that can be transformed into a full stage.

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The house was once put on the market by Jane and James for $16 million. The house is currently occupied by Jane, according to the open real estate records, because they were unable to find a buyer. The property is probably worth $20 million or more today.

They reportedly sold their second Malibu property for $11 million in the early 2010s, which they once owned. Additionally, they had a residence in Sherman Oaks, California, and had formerly owned a sizable estate in Bath, England.

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