Who Is Daniel Jones’s Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Ella Bonafede?

Daniel Jones had been dating his girlfriend, Ella Bonafede. Ella and Daniel have known each other since they were in college. When they were both at Duke, they started dating. Ella was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but spent her childhood on Long Island, New York. Ella also played sports at Duke. She was on the women’s lacrosse team. The smart girl also worked as a travel coach for lacrosse in Long Island Top Gund. Her LinkedIn profile says that she is getting a degree in public health from New York University.

Ella has talked about her relationship with the NFL star in a very open way. She couldn’t be with Daniel at his NFL draft in 2019 because of the ACC Playoffs. She has always stood by his side, though. Ella was often seen cheering for his young man when he first started out. After Daniel was picked by the NFL, Ella wrote on Instagram, “I am so incredibly proud of you, and I can’t wait to cheer you on in New York… Lets Go Giants!” On his 22nd birthday, there was another post on Instagram that said, “Smile kid, it’s your birthday!!! 22 looks good on you.”

Who Is Daniel Jones’s Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Ella Bonafede?

Jones, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything about how they are related to Ella. But he wrote a post about how much he liked the New York Giants. He wrote, “It’s always a great day to be a Giant!” #GiantsPride.”

Is He Still Dating Ella Bonafede?

Daniel and Ella might no longer be together, which is sad. It looks like the two broke up around 2020. After that, Ella stopped following Jones on Instagram and stopped making public posts about them. She also locked down her Instagram account. In May, she wished Daniel a happy birthday on Instagram, which was her last post with him. Bonafede wrote “Hbd boo” as the caption for the post, which said, “An oldie but a goodie, you and the picture.” Because of the following events, fans started to think that the two weren’t together.

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We don’t know if Daniel Jones is single or not at the moment. But neither one of them has said anything official about their breakup yet. They could be taking a break and get back together later, or they could still be dating behind each other’s backs. 

Who Is Daniel Jones’s Girlfriend? Is He Still Dating Ella Bonafede?

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About Daniel Jones

Jones was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 27, 1997. Daniel Stephen Jones III is his full name. His parents, Becca and Steven Jones, had him after their first child. Becca, his older sister, played field hockey for Davidson College, and Ruthie, his younger sister, plays soccer for Duke. Before he went to Duke, his younger brother Bates played basketball at Davidson. Jones went to school in Charlotte, North Carolina. He went to Charlotte Latin School. At first, he went to Princeton University, but then he switched to Duke University to play football for his college graduation. In 2018, he earned a degree in Economics from Duke.

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