Jania Meshell Is Pregnant With Boyfriend Dejounte Murray’s Baby!

Dejounte Murray and influencer Jania Meshell are expecting their first baby together.

Dejounte Murray, a player for the Atlanta Hawks, and Jania Meshell, the mother of one of NBA YoungBoy’s many children, have confirmed that they are expecting a child.

On Tuesday (January 3), social media influencer Jania Meshell told the world that her boyfriend, NBA player Dejounte Murray, made her pregnant. The 22-year-old model announced the exciting news on her official Instagram account. In a beautiful photo she posted on her page, she wrote, “We’re patiently waiting on our little Princess Murray. April 2023” Also, the baby is due in April, so Jania is preparing to enter the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Jania Meshell Is Pregnant With Boyfriend Dejounte Murray's Baby!

She also shared a video from her gender reveal party on her Instagram story, where she and her partner found out they were having a girl.

Jania Meshell and NBA YoungBoy, a rapper from Louisiana, share an older son named Kacey. The couple dated from 2017 to 2018, but their relationship ended badly because they constantly badmouthed each other online. This is also Dejounte Murray, 26,’s second. From a previous relationship, he has a daughter.

Reports say that Jania and Dejounte started dating at the end of 2019. The Atlanta Hawks use Dejounte as a shooting guard. The San Antonio Spurs picked him with the 29th overall pick in the first round of the 2016 NBA draft. In 2022, Dejounte was chosen for the NBA All-Star Game for the first time, and he led the league in steals. He has had more triple-doubles than anyone else in Spurs history.

Jania’s Former Friend Furly Leaked The Pregnancy News On Instagram

Jania made her initial announcement on Instagram, and then she continued talking about it on Twitter shortly after. She said she found out she was expecting in August and that “it really hurt” because she “wasn’t able to announce [her] pregnancy first.”

Jania’s ex-friend Furly has been accused of spilling the beans about the pregnancy during an October Instagram Live broadcast.

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Fans Have Thought For A Long Time That Jania Was Pregnant

It’s worth noting that Jania’s pregnancy has been a topic of discussion on Instagram for quite some time. The comments sections of some recent blogs reveal a flurry of supposition from readers.

One user said, “It’s the baby bump for me,” in the caption of a Christmas Day photo they submitted.

Jania Meshell Is Pregnant With Boyfriend Dejounte Murray's Baby!

User donetodeath wrote on Lipstick alley, “there’s a thread on it from a few weeks ago with her pic of her stomach. he is more responsible than Youngboy. She will get some $ out of it. She been tryin be a you tube couple and he doesn’t want to.”

As another Christmas-themed photo was posted, a commenter encouraged Jania to “keep uploading images and slay this pregnancy.”

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As early as October, Jania was being harassed by fans who claimed she was pregnant because she was “Giving pregnant for some reason.”

It’s like the predictions these days about celebrity pregnancies are always right on the money. But it wasn’t always like that, you know what I mean? Back in the day, it was hit or miss with those things.

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