Jennifer Lopez Blacks Out Social Media: Has She Broken Up With Ben Affleck?

J. Lo is one of, if not the, most influential artists of the last several decades. The 53-year-old is well-known for her skills as an actor, dancer, and singer.

The 226 million Instagram users who follow the Grammy-winning singer and actress want her to share both personal and professional updates.

Jennifer uploaded a sweet video of her snuggling her husband Ben Affleck to TikTok earlier this week. Even her Instagram has the footage.

All of her prior posts, including this one, have mysteriously disappeared as of right now, and the cause for this is unknown.

Jennifer Lopez Blacks Out Social Media: Has She Broken Up With Ben Affleck?

Speculation has been rife online as to why Jennifer Lopez has changed the profile images on her social media platforms to black: a new album, a split from Ben Affleck, or both.

Her official Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok pages have been blacked off, but her older posts are still viewable.

Jennifer Lopez’s Social Media Profile Pictures Turn Dark

On November 23, Jennifer’s fans started to notice that her Instagram profile picture had changed to black. Her older posts from the account have also been deleted, but her newsletter,, is still linked to in her bio.

Soon, fans started to notice that her Twitter profile picture was also black, but her tweets and retweets are still there. At the time this was written, JLo’s TikTok profile picture had also turned black, but all of her videos were still there, just like on Twitter.

On Jennifer’s Facebook page, her name has been written in cursive font on both her profile picture and her cover photo. Her website, has also been cleaned up from old posts.

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As soon as fans saw that JLo’s social media profiles had turned black, they started to talk about what it might mean. Some even said she might have broken up with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez Blacks Out Social Media: Has She Broken Up With Ben Affleck?

User MJloveslife at Lipstickalley commented, “Everybody knows the Bennifer marriage won’t last.”

Soon, the hashtag #JLoiscoming became trending on Twitter.

“@JLo Twitter and IG have been blacked out! I AM SO READY…but also not at all emotionally prepared,” a second fan wrote with the hashtag JLoiscoming.

“Can’t control me,” wrote another with the same hashtag.

There has not been any official statement from Jennifer’s side so apparently fans would have to wai with bated breath till this story develops further.

Has Jennifer Lopez Broken Up With Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have only been married for a short time, yet there have been persistent rumors that their marriage has been rocky. Last month, Ben was seen by the paparazzi as he ventured out on his own in Los Angeles on a Wednesday. He was careful to hide his left hand.

Jennifer Lopez Blacks Out Social Media: Has She Broken Up With Ben Affleck?

Photos of a tense and morose-looking Affleck, obtained by, show the actor keeping the public guessing about whether or not he wears his silver wedding band on a regular basis by hiding it in his pocket.

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The notion that Affleck is “not happy” in his brief marriage follows reports that the couple has been bickering constantly ever since the wedding. A major point of contention is the actor’s smoking habit, as reported first by Affleck’s tendency to make a mess at home is another polarizing issue.

However, we would like to underline that neither Ben nor Jennifer have confirmed these reports, and her recent video showed them to be very much in love, so the theories that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are breaking up are false.

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