Blair Underwood Gets Engaged To His Friend Josie Hart

Blair Underwood has been friends with his now-fiancee Josie Hart for 41 years.

The dashing actor announced his engagement and wrote a touching message to his future wife on Instagram on Tuesday, November 22.

Underwood captioned an Instagram snapshot of himself and his fiancee on the red carpet of the 50th International Emmy Awards by saying, “My personal highlight was walking the red carpet with my new fiancée Josie Hart.” Here are all the details.

Blair Underwood Announces Engagement To His Friend Of 41 Years

Underwood announced to the public that he was prepared to take the plunge with his longtime friend and confidante Josie Hart. The photo depicted the lovely pair, both decked out to the nines and beaming with happiness.

“My personal highlight was walking the red carpet with my new fiancée Josie Hart,” he captioned a photo of himself and Josie on the 50th International Emmy Awards red carpet.

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He continued his caption:

“The future is crazy-bright, Girl! None of us ever know where God will guide our paths. She’s had my back since before I even became an actor. When a 41-year friendship slaps you in the back of the head & blossoms into romance, you stand up, pay attention & step forward in gratitude. Gently forward. It begins!”

Blair’s 27-year marriage to Desiree DaCosta ended in divorce last year, and it’s not known when he and Josie got engaged.

“After a lot of thinking, praying, and working on ourselves as individuals and as a couple, we’ve decided to end our 27-year marriage,” a statement said.

“It has been a truly beautiful trip,” the statement said next. “Our three amazing children are the thing we’re most proud of. God gave each of us three souls. The blessings of being parents continue to amaze and humble us. We’ve always put their best interests first, and we’ll keep doing that. As we start this new part of our lives apart, we will still be the best of friends and co-parents, and we will have the utmost respect for each other.

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According to reports, DaCosta and Underwood have stayed best friends. As for Underwood and Josie, they have our best wishes on this momentous occasion. We hope to hear more about their wedding plans in the near future.

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