Jesse Palmer’s Wife Emely Fardo: Complete Relationship Look

On The Bachelor, saying goodbye to contestants can be quite challenging. Fortunately, host Jesse Palmer and the production team provide valuable support to the star of Season 28, Joey Graziadei. According to Joey’s interview with TV Insider, Jesse has played a significant role in helping him navigate those tough moments and remain authentic to his emotions when distributing roses.

In 2004, Jesse Palmer was chosen to be the bachelor for the fifth season of the reality TV show “The Bachelor.” Jesse is currently the host of “The Bachelor” franchise. Among his hosting duties was the inaugural season of “The Golden Bachelor,” which aired in the fall of 2023.

Let’s delve into the personal life of Jesse Palmer, focusing on his relationship with Emely Fardo and other aspects of their journey together.

How Jesse Palmer Met His Wife Emely Fardo & When They Got Married?

Jesse Palmer first encountered his wife, Emely Fardo, in 2017 at Rumble, a well-known boxing class in New York City. Reflecting on their initial meeting with Daily Mail, Palmer shared, “I saw her and thought she was beautiful. I didn’t meet her until later; she was arriving as I was leaving.” He continued, “Despite the timing, we eventually connected, and two weeks later, we had our first date at Rumble.”

Jesse Palmer's Wife Emely Fardo: Complete Relationship Look

Fardo and Palmer often share details of their relationship online, yet they managed to keep their wedding a secret. Fans only became aware of their marriage when they were spotted wearing wedding rings in the summer of 2021. The couple tied the knot on June 5, 2020, opting for a low-key ceremony at a friend’s residence in Connecticut instead of their original plan to wed in Provence, France.

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After two years, Jesse Palmer and his wife were able to fulfill their dream wedding. They hosted a second celebration in Provence, France, in July 2022.

About Emely Fardo

Emely Fardo is from Brazil but moved to New York City to begin her career. She may have started modeling before 2016 when she showed off her comp cards from New York Model Management. Her Instagram mostly features fashion shoot pictures, but she also shares photos of herself walking on the runway. Besides modeling, she also likes taking pictures and has shared her professional shots on Instagram.

Fardo has a passion for travel, as evidenced by her Instagram filled with captivating photos from her adventures around the world.

Jesse And Emely Share A Daughter

On January 8, 2024, the couple joyfully welcomed their daughter, Ella Reine, into the world. Fardo and Palmer announced her arrival with a heartwarming family selfie on Instagram, captioned, “She’s finally here.”

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Reflecting on their journey to parenthood, Palmer and Fardo spoke with PEOPLE in August 2023. Palmer expressed admiration for Fardo’s maternal nature, stating, “Emely has always wanted a daughter and she is so maternal by nature, I’ve always known that she is going to be the best mom.” He humorously added, “I know our daughter is going to walk all over me — she already has me wrapped around her finger!”

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