Who Is Joe Montana’s Wife? Know About Jennifer Wallace

American football quarterback Joseph Clifford Montana Jr. played in the National Football League (NFL) for 16 seasons, mostly with the San Francisco 49ers. Montana is widely thought to be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. His nicknames include “Joe Cool” and “the Comeback Kid.” He was also the first player to be named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of a Super Bowl three times. In 2000, Montana was put into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Not only his career but also his love life is very interesting. He has been married thrice. In 1974, he married Kim Moses, a girl from his hometown. They got a divorce three years later. He married Cass Castillo in 1981, but they split up in 1984. Currently, he is married to a famous Former model, Jennifer Wallace since 1984. Read on to know everything about their married life.

Meet Joe Montana’s Wife, Jennifer Wallace

Jennifer Wallace has been an actor and a model. She is best known as Joe’s wife since they have been together for more than 30 years. On July 7, 1958, Jennifer Montana was born. She is from the United States of America. Jennifer is a philanthropist, a gem architect, and the founder of Jennifer Montana Designs, where she designs a variety of jewelry. According to The Sun, In September 2013, she set up the organization. Jennifer is also a painter and craftsperson, and since October 2009, she has been making things out of earthenware as a freelancer.

Who Is Joe Montana's Wife? Know About Jennifer Wallace

Jennifer’s first job was modeling swimsuits. She was in the well-known magazine Sports Illustrated. She was also in a commercial for the Schick razor, where she met her husband.

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Inside Joe And Jennifer’s Relationship

Joe And Jennifer met when they were both working on a commercial for a Schick razor. They got married in 1985. Jennifer told Yahoo in an interview that Joe first asked her to marry him on a check at a restaurant.

She remembered that he had written, “Jen, what would you say if I asked you to stay with me for the rest of your life?” Joe asked Jen to marry him by asking a plane pilot to fly with a banner that said, “Jen, will you marry me?” It’s been 37 years since they got married.

Who Is Joe Montana's Wife? Know About Jennifer Wallace

The Couple has four kids: Alexandra, who was born on October 10, 1985, Elizabeth, who was born on December 20, 1986, Nate, who was born on October 3, 1989, and Nick (b. April 28, 1992). Both of his sons went to De La Salle High School, where they both played football. After transferring from Notre Dame and the University of Montana to West Virginia Wesleyan, Nate became an undrafted free agent. Nick did the same thing after transferring from Tulane University.

In 2008, Montana sued his ex-wife Moses and a Dallas auction house for “violating his ‘copyright and privacy rights'” after Moses “sold a bunch of letters and memorabilia from [Montana’s] college days at Notre Dame.”

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The Couple Stopped The Woman Who Was Trying To Kidnap Their Grandchild

In 2020 Joe told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that his grandchild was sleeping in a playpen on Saturday, September 26, when a woman came into their Malibu home and took the child. The couple tried to “calm things down” by going up to the stranger and asking for their grandchild back. But after that, the NFL legend and the intruder got into a “tussle.”

Who Is Joe Montana's Wife? Know About Jennifer Wallace

According to CNN, a statement from the sheriff’s office said, “Mrs. Montana was able to safely pry the child out of the suspect’s arms.” Later, the tried kidnapper was identified as Sodsai Dalzell by the police. She ran away, but she was caught a while later. She is being charged with kidnapping and burglary because of the crime.

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