Who Is Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend? Meet Kim Cruz

If you’re looking for a promising young player in the NBA, look no further than Jordan Poole. Given his established role with the seven-time defending NBA champions, we may say that he is still considered a prospect.

Poole played a lot like he did at the end of last season. At times, he seemed unstoppable, shooting well and making a season-high seven three-pointers.

Who Is Jordan Poole's Girlfriend?

He didn’t add much to the team’s other stats, but his scoring spree was still impressive, especially since he only played for 23 minutes. Poole has been a bit of a disappointment in fantasy so far, but he has shown he can break out offensively on occasion by scoring 30 or more points in three games.

Fans have wondered about Poole’s romantic life, as they do with any young, promising NBA star. There was never any truth to the claims that he was in a relationship with ESPN’s Malika Andrews after a postgame interview earlier in the season.

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In this article, we’ll reveal the identity of Jordan Poole’s rumored girlfriend.

Who Is Jordan Poole Dating? Meet His Girlfriend

Jordan Poole’s revealed his girlfriend ahead of the NBA finals as reported by Side Action. Jordan Poole is allegedly dating Instagram model Kim Cruz. With over 426k followers,

Kimberly Ann Cruz is a Filipina artist, TV host, and social media influencer who is better known as Kim Cruz. She started working as a host at the Philippine TV music channel MYX when she was only 17. After her time with MYX, she tried hosting again by moving to ESPN Philippines.

She did that for a while before going into the arts. Since then, Kim has worked with a lot of well-known art collectors from the Philippines. These include professional athletes and actors from the Philippines and the United States. Jordan Poole, who plays for the Warriors, asked Kim to do a piece for him.

Cruz is a popular model and artist on Instagram with an estimated net worth of $1 – $2 million as of 2022.

On October 13th, 2021, Cruz uploaded a video of Poole at a game and that was when social media users first began to speculate that Kim Cruz and Jordan were dating. A sighting of Kim in one of his shirts is supposedly what lent further credence to the rumors.

“Here’s some fresh tea, Jordan Poole is dating Kim Cruz. She was wearing one of his shirts that wasn’t out exclusively yet at the time, every time she’s at his games she turns her comments off, they’ve been together for a few months,” a source told Side Action.

Who Is Jordan Poole's Girlfriend?

Although neither Cruz nor Poole has posted anything on social media to hint at a romantic relationship, it would not be surprising if they had chosen to keep their status as a couple under wraps.

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