Who Is Joshua Dobbs’ Girlfriend And What Is His Net Worth?

Robert Joshua Dobbs is an American football quarterback for the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans. Joshua Dobbs got a lot of attention when the Tennessee Titans chose him to be their starting quarterback for Thursday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. Just a week after he joined the Titans on December 21, he received the opportunity. He has to learn a new playbook and play quarterback in a short amount of time, which is somewhat challenging. 

Josh Dobbs threw his first touchdown pass in the NFL on December 29, 2022, in a 27-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. It was his first start in the NFL.

Who Is Joshua Dobbs' Girlfriend And What Is His Net Worth?

Currently, Dobbs’ personal life has piqued the interest of his fans. In this post, we’ll read about his girlfriend as well as how much money does he worth.

Know About Joshua Dobbs’ Girlfriend, Jocelyn Lara

Joshua Dobbs currently seems to be in a relationship. As of now, he is dating Jocelyn Lara. On December 10, 2022, he uploaded several pictures of himself with his girlfriend, Jocelyn, and wished her a very happy birthday. In two of the photos, both are seen to be close to each other. He wrote in the caption, “Cheers to another trip around the sun to my favorite person! Happy Birthday @jocelynlara ❤️🥳”

Well, this isn’t the first time that the football quarterback has posted about his girlfriend. As well last year on her girlfriend’s birthday, he also shared a few photos of the two of them, and seems to enjoy a great time together.

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Jocelyn Lara is active on Instagram. You may find her under the handle @jocelynlara. She has a private account, where she has around 2600 followers and she follows 430 people back. In her Twitter bio, she mentions in her bio, “@UTKnoxville alum”

What Is Joshua Dobbs’ Net Worth?

According to various sources, it has been estimated that Joshua Dobbs has a net worth between $3 million-$5 million, which is unconfirmed.

Dobbs Has Suffered From Alopecia Areata Since The Age Of 10

Since he was 10, Dobbs has been dealing with Alopecia Areata. As he explained in college, it first showed up when he was that young and started losing hair in one spot. It has probably turned into Alopecia Totalis, which causes him to lose hair not only on his head but also on his face, like his eyelashes.

Joshua Dobbs has been a strong supporter of his condition, trying to make it seem normal to the general public.

Who Is Joshua Dobbs' Girlfriend And What Is His Net Worth?

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He has used his position to raise people’s awareness about alopecia, especially among young people. Joshua Dobbs has talked about the help he’s gotten from family and friends. He has also met Charlie Villanueva, a former NBA player who had the same condition and who inspired Dobbs. In turn, his message to the public, especially young people who may be affected by the condition, is also inspiring.

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