About Joshua Dobbs’ Wife And Vikings Coach Questions Jackson’s Hit

Hailing from Alpharetta, Georgia, Josh Dobbs was brought up by Stephanie and Robert Dobbs. His mother, who held the position of a region manager in corporate human resources at United Parcel Service (UPS), has since retired, while his father currently serves as a senior vice president for Wells Fargo.

Dobbs has been coping with alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition leading to hair loss, a condition that manifested during his transition from elementary to junior high school. Commencing his football journey at the age of five, Dobbs attended Wesleyan School before progressing to Alpharetta High School.

Who Is Joshua Dobbs’ Wife? Is He married?

Joshua Dobbs is an unmarried man and in a relationship with Jocelyn Lara. Josh’s most recent public association was with Jocelyn Lara. Despite her limited online presence, Jocelyn is engaged in a career in sports marketing. While details about Josh and Jocelyn’s relationship remain scarce, it’s noteworthy that both of them are alumni of the University of Tennessee.

About Joshua Dobbs's Wife And Vikings Coach Questions Jackson's Hit

Following high school, Lara enrolled at the University of Tennessee, where she crossed paths with Dobbs. At the time, Dobbs served as the quarterback for the Volunteers, while Lara worked as a football recruiting assistant for the school. Their relationship began during this period and has endured ever since.

Having earned her degree in supply chain and marketing, Lara graduated from the University. In 2020, she actively engaged in the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum and assumed the role of a client relations coordinator at Team IFA.

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Moreover, she took on the position of executive assistant to the head football coach at the University of Minnesota.

Broncos Win Streak Sparks Controversy Over Dobbs’ Fumble And Jackson’s Hit

The Broncos have secured four consecutive victories, firmly positioning themselves in the AFC playoff race. In their latest triumph on Sunday night, a comeback win against the Vikings with a late touchdown pass from Russell Wilson, controversy emerged.

On the first drive of the game, Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs fumbled the ball, leading to a recovery by the Denver defense. Following the loss, Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell voiced his belief that Broncos safety Kareem Jackson should have been penalized for the hit that caused the turnover. 

About Joshua Dobbs's Wife And Vikings Coach Questions Jackson's Hit

Jackson, returning from a two-game suspension for similar hits, appeared to lower his head and lead with the crown of his helmet into Dobbs’ chest. O’Connell expressed his concerns, stating, “At the moment, coming from the second level the way he did, it seemed like a pretty direct helmet-to-helmet type hit.”

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Dobbs underwent evaluation in the medical tent but was cleared to continue playing. Postgame, he mentioned feeling fine and acknowledged the need to take better care of the football in the future. Following the turnover, the Broncos added three points with a 31-yard field goal from Will Lutz.

Kareem Jackson has faced scrutiny for questionable hits, accumulating four fines and two ejections this season, in addition to his recent suspension. Consequently, any borderline hit involving him is likely to be closely scrutinized.

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