Who Is Joy Williams Dating After Divorce From Husband Nate?

Before Joy Williams was part of the Grammy-winning duo The Civil Wars, she was a Christian singer-songwriter in Nashville who hadn’t been in many relationships.

She and John Paul White, who used to be in the same band, had a long history as a creative duo. They played together for six years and won four Grammys along the way.

After her band broke up, her marriage to Nate Yetton, a music manager, fell apart as well.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Joy Williams’ Divorce and who she is dating these days.

How Did Joy Williams Meet Her Ex-Husband Nate Yetton?

Joy met her husband, Nate, when he was waiting on her table at an Italian restaurant. She was 21 years old when they got married.

Who Is Joy Williams Dating After Divorce From Husband Nate?

Joy Williams mentioned that Nate brought them free appetizers, which was very nice. He then told her that he had been interning and going to college, while she had just returned from a tour and looked pretty good for her age. So at the end of dinner, because he was so cute, she gave him a really big tip—like a 120% tip. What she didn’t know was that when she went to the bathroom, her friends wrote her phone number on the back of her receipt and made it look like it was from Joy.

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Why Did Joy Williams And Her Husband Nate Yetton Get Divorced?

“Nate and I had reached a limit. Everyone in life hits a glass ceiling. What you do after that is what matters. Williams says, “I think this is a really honest space that people will be able to relate to, and it’s exactly what happened in my marriage.” “We just got to the point where we looked at each other and thought, ‘What have we become? How did we get so close and then so far apart?'”

“We really needed to start over with Nate in our new home by the ocean. We wanted to build a life together so much that we started to miss each other along the way”. She went on, “we were no longer talking to each other. We could either give up, change the way we were together, or act like everything was fine,” she says. “Both Nate and I didn’t want to fake it.”

Williams said when she met John Paul White a few years later, it felt like she had known him for a long time. The Civil Wars is the band they started together. Their strong connection as artists helped them make gold records and win four Grammys in three years. But there was also stress about where the band should go.

When they finally broke up, rumors started going around that it wasn’t just a business breakup. Williams says it was hard to work on a project with someone while he was married to someone else. “If you say yes to something, you have to say no to something else,” she said. “If you say no to something, you have to say yes to something else.” “You need to give these questions a lot of thought.”

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Is Joy Williams Dating Ted Woods?

Joy has a large following on her Instagram profile where she posted a pic with Ted Woods yesterday with the caption, “If someone would’ve told me a few years ago that I’d find a deep love after everything I went through, I wouldn’t have believed them. I’m so glad to be wrong. Out from the ashes, something beautiful bloomed. Years of friendship grew slowly into more, and keeps growing more and more each day. I cannot wait to marry this man.”

Who Is Joy Williams Dating After Divorce From Husband Nate?

Joy Williams was resting her head on Ted‘s shoulder in the said image, which shows the comfort level they share with each other. Moreover, the caption proves that Joy is serious about the relationship with Ted Woods and is willing to take it to the next level.

So far no additional information is available about Ted’s professional life other than the fact that he is into fitness (as evidenced by his Instagram profile). We will update our readers as soon as more details emerge.

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