Who Is Kaia Gerber’s Boyfriend? Meet Austin Butler

Beautiful couple! Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala in 2022. Since then, they have become one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. Aside from making public appearances together, the two have kept their relationship low-key.

Since they don’t talk much about their relationship but because of Kaia and Austin’s prominence, people are interested in their private life, particularly the romantic relationship the couple share.

Meet Kaia Gerber’s Boyfriend, Austin Butler

Austin Butler is an American actor who has achieved a great deal of fame. 2005 marked the beginning of his career in the entertainment sector, and he has since been in a number of films and television series.

Austin’s performance in both “The Carrie Diaries” and “The Shannara Chronicles” helped him achieve a greater level of recognition. The Elvis star amassed a significant amount of fame and wealth throughout his time spent working in Hollywood.

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Know When Kaia And Austin Started Dating

A source told Life & Style at the time that Elvis and the supermodel began dating in December 2021.

Who Is Kaia Gerber's Boyfriend? Meet Austin Butler

The insider said that their relationship was “going very well,” even though it was still in the “early stages.”

A source said, “She is taking things slowly because she doesn’t want to rush into anything, but she and Austin are really into each other.” “Austin is 10 years older than her, which she likes. They are having fun getting to know each other better, and they make a really cute couple.

After the paparazzi hadn’t seen them together for a few months, rumors spread that they might have broken up. But when they were seen kissing in August, they set the record straight. In August 2022, Austin and Kaia were seen getting lunch in Los Angeles.

Even though Gerber and Butler have not publicly acknowledged their possible romantic connection, the fact that they spend a lot of time together suggests that it is probably just a matter of time before they make their relationship public.

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Austin Butler And Kaia Gerber Were Spotted Together Recently

Photos from December 21, 2022, show that the two were seen in Los Angeles together. This suggests that they are still together. Austin and Kaia were wearing cozy layers and getting ready for their second holiday together as a couple.

They were spotted that day when they were venturing out for a famous local refreshment of green juice. The entertainment hot couple was spotted in Los Angeles.

Who Is Kaia Gerber's Boyfriend? Meet Austin Butler

The daughter of Cindy Crawford, who followed her mother into the world of modeling, displayed her limitless pins while wearing leggings.

Kaia Garber’s Past Relationship

Gerber was supposed to be seeing other models Wellington Grant and Pete Davidson, who is presently dating Kim Kardashian before she was said to be dating Butler. Grant and Davidson are both cast members on “Saturday Night Live.”

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