Who Is Carley Shimkus Husband? She’s Married To Peter Buchignani

Carley Shimkus is an American journalist and producer. She has been on Fox & Friends and First Fox & Friends.

She tried modeling while she was in school because she was good-looking and keen. Later, she realized that modeling was not her thing, so she stopped doing it. Carley started working at Fox soon after she finished college. In 2009, she worked as a news reporter. After working for a few years, she became an assistant producer for the show Imus. The show also had a website, imus.com, which was run by herself. She appeared on 24/7 Headlines correspondent, Fox & Friends First, Fox & Friends, and Media buzz.

Carley Shimkus is currently a co-host on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends First (weekdays, 4-6 AM/ET). She started working for the network in 2009 as a production assistant on FOX Business Network (FBN), where she was later promoted to associate producer.

Who Is Carley Shimkus Husband? She's Married To Peter Buchignani

Talking about her personal life, Carley Shimkus is currently married. She married her longtime boyfriend, businessman Peter Buchignani.

On her 23rd birthday, which was the first time they met, they started dating. They started hanging out, and by 2013 they were officially dating. After dating for a couple of years, Peter proposed to her, and they decided to get married on August 8, 2015, in New Jersey.

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All You Need To Know About Peter Buchignani

According to his LinkedIn page and Facebook profile, Buchignani is based in Chicago and has lived in Illinois for most of his life. He was raised in Bloomington, a town about 140 miles south of Chicago.

Who Is Carley Shimkus Husband? She's Married To Peter Buchignani

He was born on September 21, 1986, to Leo and Mary Edna Buchignani. He has a brother who is older and a sister who is younger. Buchignani went to college in Illinois, but he has been working in Chicago at least since the beginning of 2015.

Peter Buchignani went to Princeton University from 2005 to 2009. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. He stayed particularly busy on campus by playing sports. Buchignani was a defensive end for the football team for three seasons. He didn’t play during his senior year.

Peter Buchignani went to college to study political science, but he decided to go into business instead. After he graduated, his first job was as a sales analyst at Barclays Capital.

Who Is Carley Shimkus Husband? She's Married To Peter Buchignani

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From July 2009 to August 2011, he worked for the company. During this time, he probably met his future wife, Carley Shimkus, for the first time. Since at least March 2015, Peter Buchignani has lived and worked in Chicago. He began working for Amherst Pierpont Securities at that time. In the business development department, he sells “securitized products.”

Carley Shimkus’ Net Worth

Shimkus is expected to have a net worth of close to one million dollars as of the year 2022. Her profession as a headline reporter brings in an estimated annual salary of more than 53,238 dollars.

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