Who Is Karol G’s New Boyfriend In 2023?

Karol G, born Carolina Giraldo Navarro on 14 February 1991, is a renowned Colombian singer and songwriter who has gained recognition for her work in reggaeton, Latin trap, and various other genres such as reggae and sertanejo. With accolades like the 2018 Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and multiple nominations for Billboard Latin Music Awards and Lo Nuestro Awards, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Karol G has been making headlines lately, not just for her music but also for her rumored love life. After a public breakup and countless heartbreak, fans are eager to know if Karol G has found love again. The latest speculation revolves around her steamy stage performance with fellow Colombian artist Feid, sparking dating rumors and raising questions about her new boyfriend in 2023.

Are Feid And Karol G Dating?

During the last leg of her “Strip Love” tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Karol G surprised her audience with a guest appearance by Feid. The duo’s electrifying chemistry on stage fueled dating rumors, with fans shipping them as a couple. Social media was flooded with videos of their performance, and enthusiasts even claimed that Karol G referenced Feid in her latest song, “Tus Gafitas.” The undeniable connection between the two artists has led followers to wonder if Karol G is debuting a new boyfriend alongside her new red hair.

Who Is Karol G's New Boyfriend In 2023?

While Feid and Karol G’s stage performance ignited dating speculations, their collaborations have added fuel to the fire. The duo released a single together titled “FRIKI,” which had been highly anticipated by their fans. Feid, also known as FERXXO, has even opened for Karol G’s recent Bichota tour. Their close association and successful collaboration have made fans believe that they could be potential partners. The music video for “FRIKI” further intensified the relationship rumors as it featured Karol G dancing intimately with Feid.

Although fans have been shipping Feid and Karol G as a couple, neither of them has confirmed the dating rumors. Feid himself addressed the speculation and stated that they have a close friendship and professional relationship, but nothing romantic. He emphasized that their collaboration and time spent together on tour did not extend beyond their work. While their chemistry on stage and in music videos might suggest otherwise, it appears that their connection is solely for their performances.

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Know About Karol G’s Past Relationship With Anuel AA

To understand Karol G’s current dating rumors, it is essential to look at her previous relationship. Karol G was previously involved with rapper Anuel AA, and their romance captured the attention of fans and the media. They collaborated on songs and appeared together in music videos, showcasing their strong bond. The couple made their red-carpet debut at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2019, where they also announced their engagement. However, after two years together, they decided to part ways.

Who Is Karol G's New Boyfriend In 2023?

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Recently, in the fall of 2022, Karol G unarchived old photos of herself and Anuel on her social media accounts, leading to speculation about a possible reunion. Fans questioned whether they were rekindling their romance, but Karol G clarified that deleting photos doesn’t erase the history and memories they shared. Meanwhile, Anuel AA moved on and married another singer named Yailin la Mas, causing further curiosity and discussions about Karol G’s love life.

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