Who Is Russell Brand’s Wife? Meet Laura Gallacher

Russell Edward Brand, an English comedian and actor, has gained recognition for his expressive and vibrant style. His comedic talents have been acknowledged through prestigious accolades such as the Best Newcomer (2006), Best Live Stand-Up (2008), and Outstanding Contribution to Comedy (2011) awards at the British Comedy Awards.

While he has made headlines for his professional achievements, his personal life has also been a topic of interest. Since 2017, Brand has been happily married to Lauren Brand (née Gallacher), and together they have embarked on a journey of love, rebuilding, and starting a family.

Meet Russell Brand’s Wife, Laura Gallacher

Laura Gallacher, a lifestyle blogger, first crossed paths with Russell Brand in 2006 when they dated. However, their paths diverged, and they found themselves in different places in life. It was not until nine years later, when fate intervened and they randomly bumped into each other, that their love story took a new turn. Laura recalled the moment, sharing, “I hadn’t seen Russell for years… I came down the steps to the canal and Russell was standing there. We both immediately knew it was going to be serious.” The connection between them was undeniable, despite the changes that time had brought.

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All About Russell And Laura’s Relationship

After reconnecting, Russell and Laura had to rebuild their foundations and trust. The fact that Russell had gone through a divorce added an extra layer of complexity to their relationship. They took their time, getting to know each other once again, and embarked on day trips together. Laura explained, “It was very slow, it was getting to know each other and going out on day trips together.” But their love grew rapidly, and within six months, they decided to move in together. Little did they know that their journey would soon include parenthood.

Who Is Russell Brand's Wife? Meet Laura Gallacher

In November 2016, Russell and Laura welcomed their first daughter, Mabel, into the world. The joy of becoming parents brought them even closer. Just a year later, on Valentine’s Day, they received another life-changing surprise — Laura discovered she was pregnant once again. In July 2018, their second daughter, Peggy, joined their growing family. The love and commitment shared between Russell and Laura became the foundation for their beautiful family.

Know About Russell And Laura’s Intimate Wedding

On August 26, 2017, Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher exchanged vows in a heartwarming ceremony near their home in Henley-on-Thames, England. The wedding took place at Remenham Church, with close friends and family in attendance. Among the guests were notable figures such as Oasis singer Noel Gallagher, comedian David Baddiel, and British TV host Jonathan Ross. The intimate nature of the wedding reflected the deep connection and commitment shared by the couple.

Who Is Russell Brand's Wife? Meet Laura Gallacher

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Details About Russell Brand’s Past Relationships And Reflections

Before finding happiness with Laura, Russell Brand had his share of romantic endeavors. Most notably, he was briefly married to American singer Katy Perry. Their relationship began in 2009 and culminated in a grand wedding ceremony in India in 2010. However, their marriage encountered challenges due to conflicting career schedules and differences regarding starting a family. They filed for divorce in December 2011, with their separation becoming finalized in July 2012. Despite the end of their marriage, Brand spoke fondly of Perry, emphasizing his deep love and care for her.

Following his divorce, Russell Brand explored new relationships. He briefly dated singer Geri Halliwell in 2012 and subsequently entered into a relationship with Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of financier James Goldsmith and editor of the New Statesman. However, these relationships ultimately came to an end. Brand’s personal journey also involved reflecting on his past behaviors and disavowing previous beliefs and actions that may have contributed to negative perceptions, particularly regarding misogyny.

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