Know About Freddie Gibbs’ Girlfriend And Their Controversial Relationship

Fredrick Jamel Tipton, widely recognized as Freddie Gibbs, has made a name for himself in the American rap industry. Initially signed to Interscope Records in 2006, Gibbs began working on his debut album with the label. Unfortunately, his journey with Interscope came to an end when he was dropped, resulting in the cancellation of the album. However, Gibbs’s talent and determination propelled him forward as he went on to sign with Young Jeezy’s CTE World. Under this new label, he released several mixtapes, including the critically acclaimed “Baby Face Killa” in 2012.

Freddie has found himself in the midst of controversy once again. This time, it revolves around his ex-girlfriend, Destini, also known as The Fit Mami. Their relationship, which was once filled with public displays of affection and plans for the future, has taken a sour turn, with accusations of ghosting and neglect.

All About Freddie Gibbs And Destini’s Relationship

Freddie Gibbs and Destini started dating in 2020, and their romance was openly shared on social media platforms. From romantic trips to Europe to purchasing matching jerseys, the couple seemed inseparable. They even discussed the idea of starting a family together, and their fans were excited to witness their love story unfold.

Know About Freddie Gibbs' Girlfriend And Their Controversial Relationship

However, Destini recently took to Twitter to address their breakup and shed light on her side of the story. In a series of tweets, she accused Gibbs of suddenly ignoring her after she fell pregnant, despite their plans to have a child together. She expressed her disappointment and hurt, stating that the drastic change in their relationship came after an incident in Buffalo, New York, where Gibbs was involved in a physical altercation. The aftermath of the incident left her feeling paranoid and traumatized, and she claimed that Gibbs failed to provide the support she needed during that difficult time.

Destini, known as The Fit Mamii in the adult entertainment industry, has gained attention for her provocative content on platforms like OnlyFans. Her association with Freddie Gibbs brought her into the spotlight, and she reportedly even has a tattoo of his name on her hand. Despite the controversy surrounding their breakup, she acknowledged that Benny the Butcher’s taunting tweet featuring her photos resulted in a surge of subscribers to her OnlyFans account.

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Allegations And Social Media Drama

As if the breakup itself wasn’t enough, Destini also shared further details about their relationship and the ensuing drama. She claimed that one of Gibbs’ baby mamas, whom she had never met or spoken to, began sending her threatening voice messages. Additionally, she asserted that a chain that was snatched during the Buffalo brawl belonged to her, not Gibbs. These revelations intensified the public’s interest in their relationship and brought additional attention to their personal lives.

Know About Freddie Gibbs' Girlfriend And Their Controversial Relationship

Moreover, Destini uploaded a video of Gibbs expressing his love for her, taken on the night she allegedly became pregnant. However, after learning about her pregnancy, Gibbs reportedly distanced himself and stated that he wasn’t ready for children. Despite offering to have an abortion, Destini decided against it and claimed that Gibbs subsequently disappeared from her life, without any concern or communication.

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Know About Gibbs’ Troubled Relationship History

This is not the first time Freddie Gibbs has been embroiled in relationship drama. In the past, he faced criticism from Raven Tatum, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, after he discussed their separation on his album. Tatum expressed her frustration on Twitter, asking Gibbs to leave her out of his music and focus on his new relationships instead.

Know About Freddie Gibbs' Girlfriend And Their Controversial Relationship

As of now, Freddie Gibbs has not responded to Destini’s accusations or the public fallout from their breakup. While fans eagerly await his side of the story, it is clear that their relationship has taken a turbulent turn. The social media drama and allegations have sparked intense discussions among followers of both artists, with many expressing their exhaustion with the ongoing feud and its impact on their public personas.

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