Who Is Bunny Hedaya’s Husband? The Couple Is Now Divorced

Bunny Hedaya, widely known as Bunny Barbie, has captivated over 10 million TikTok followers with her unique humor and offbeat videos. Recently, Bunny shocked her fans by announcing her divorce, leaving many to speculate about the reasons behind the split and the details of her personal life. In this article, we delve into Bunny Hedaya’s marriage to Harry Hedaya, shedding light on their relationship, the age difference between them, and their shared ventures. Additionally, we explore Bunny’s legal battle over her username and provide an overview of her social media success and ventures outside of the online realm.

Know About Bunny And Harry’s Divorce Announcement

After years of marriage and running a successful business together, Bunny Hedaya filed for divorce, leaving their followers astounded. While some skeptics questioned if it was a publicity stunt for their new reality program, “Legally Bunny,” Bunny’s representative confirmed that the split was genuine and that the couple had been going through a challenging time. For more insights into Bunny Hedaya’s separation, fans can find additional videos on her TikTok thread.

Who Is Bunny Hedaya's Husband? The Couple Is Now Divorced

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Meet Bunny Hedaya’s Ex-Husband, Harry Hedaya

Harry Hedaya, Bunny Hedaya’s ex-husband, is a 55-year-old entrepreneur from Florida, born in October 1967. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from the University of Tampa, graduating in 1990. Over the years, he has founded multiple companies, showcasing his business acumen and diverse interests.

Harry’s first venture was Remac, an asphalt maintenance company specializing in the crack filling, seal coating, parking lot striping, and pothole repair. He served as the president of Remac for six years. Subsequently, he founded The Loan Corporation, where he held the role of president.

In 2007, Harry became the president of Encompass Marketing, a position he still holds today. Additionally, in December 2020, he assumed the role of chief executive at Send It By Text, a communications business. Harry’s professional expertise spans various industries, including staffing, financial services, small business marketing, and communications.

Inside Bunny And Harry’s Relationship

Bunny Barbie, in a YouTube video titled “Telling It All About My Secretive Husband,” disclosed that there is a 23-year age difference between her and Harry Hedaya. They first met when Bunny was 23, and at the time of the video, she was 30, while Harry was 53. Currently, Harry is 55, and Bunny recently turned 32 on November 15. Despite the age gap, the couple built a life together and has a son named Aiden, born in 2017.

Who Is Bunny Hedaya's Husband? The Couple Is Now Divorced

Bunny Hedaya shares a unique relationship with Harry’s ex-wife, Carrie. Describing Carrie as her “stepwife,” Bunny highlights the amicable nature of their connection. Carrie and Harry share two children, Zara and Zane, who Bunny Barbie considers her stepchildren. Zara is currently either 21 or 22 years old, while Zane is either 23 or 24. Although Bunny occasionally features her family, including her husband and son, in her social media content, the focus varies from week to week, highlighting different aspects of her life.

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The Battle Over Bunny Barbie’s Username

One noteworthy event in Bunny Hedaya’s life was her clash with Mattel, the parent company of Barbie. Bunny, known as Bunny Barbie, received a cease-and-desist letter from Mattel, demanding she stop using the word “Barbie” in her name. Bunny, who had been using the name for the past 15 years, expressed her frustration and revealed her real name, Bunny Hedaya.

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