Who Is Kat Timpf’s Husband? Relationship Info With Cameron Friscia

Katherine Clare Timpf is an American libertarian columnist, TV personality, reporter, and comedian. She has been a main cast member on the Fox News Channel show Gutfeld! since 2015, and she often appears on other Fox News shows.

In 2022, she was the most-watched female late-night comedian in the United States. In 2017, Timpf co-hosted Fox News Specialists along with Eric Bolling and Eboni Williams. As of June 2019, she leads the Fox Nation show. Honestly, Kat.

Moving toward his personal life, Prior to this point, Timpf had maintained a level of privacy regarding the details of her dating life. In case you are unfamiliar, Kat has been married to Cameron Friscia. Timpf and her long-time boyfriend, Cameron Friscia, announced their engagement in August of 2020, and the couple wed in May 2021.

Who Is Kat Timpf's Husband? Relationship Info With Cameron Friscia

Read on to everything to know about Kat Timpf’s husband and relationship details.

Inside Kat Timpf And Cameron Friscia’s Relationship

The two of them met on the celebrity dating app, Raya. Timpf said that at first, she thought he was “clean-cut” and different from her other boyfriends. A year before they got engaged, Timpf posted a picture of them on Instagram, which suggests that they had been dating for at least a year.

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Kat Timpf told People that falling in love with Cameron Friscia and getting married to him helped her change her mind about what it means to be in love. She says: “But when I fell in love with Cam, I realized I was wrong because I felt more free than I ever had before. Knowing that he loves and supports me makes me feel more like myself and more sure of myself than I ever thought I could be.”

Who Is Kat Timpf's Husband? Relationship Info With Cameron Friscia

“I’m not as worried about things as I used to be, either, because I know that nothing can beat the team that we are as a whole. I feel so safe, but I’m surprised that it’s not boring to be safe. With him, I’m having the best time of my life.”

Know About Cameron Friscia

Friscia went to the U.S. Military School and got his bachelor’s degree in science. After the 9/11 attacks, he joined the military and served as an Assistant Operation Officer, Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander, and Company Executive Officer.

Friscia got out of the military in 2014 and started working as a broker at Merill Lynch Peirce Penner & Smith Inc. Now, Friscia works as a research associate at Coatue Management, a management company fund based in New York.

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Who Is Kat Timpf's Husband? Relationship Info With Cameron Friscia

Do Kat And Cameron Have Kids?

She says he even made her change her mind about having kids “I can’t wait to keep growing with him and have the best time while we do it. “

She said, “I never ever wanted kids, and I didn’t understand why anyone would. But now that I’m with him, I feel like I could have his kids, so maybe in a few years, we will. He has made me a better person, which is the best thing in the world.”

As of now, the couple does not share any children together.

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