Kenny Lattimore’s Divorce From Chante Moore

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Kenny Lattimore was married to the R&B singer Chante Moore, who is best known for songs like “Chante’s Got a Man” and “Straight Up.” In 2002, Kenny and Chante got married. Their wedding was a private affair. They had a big, fancy wedding in Jamaica on New Year’s Day with only a few close family and friends. Together, they have a son named Kenny Jr., who was born the next year.

Things were great for a while, but then they hit a rough patch in their marriage. The problems in their nine-year marriage were too much for them to handle, so they broke up. Not much is known about why they broke up. A private source says that Kenny cheated on Moore and that she left him because she didn’t want to be a pain in his life. Kenny has said that he wishes he had tried harder to keep the relationship going by talking more and being more of a team.

Kenny Lattimore's Divorce From Chante Moore

After Kenny and Moore broke up, there was talk about whether Kenny was gay or straight. A lot of people thought he was gay. He talked about how funny the stories were, and

said that his fans and especially people who have nothing to do with his life shouldn’t care if he was or wasn’t.

Chante Moore told everyone right away that they were getting a divorce. Moore said that they were breaking up in a Facebook post. She wanted to tell her fans that she didn’t want them to hear different things about her divorce. Moore told her fans that she didn’t usually talk about her private life.

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But this was different, and she didn’t want them to get a twisted story instead of real information. She told her fans that she and her husband would continue to take care of their son.

She was married to an actor named Kadeem Hardison before she married Kelly. Sophia Hardison, who was born in 1996, is her daughter with Kadeem Hardison. In 1997, Chante and Hardison had a secret wedding. In 2000, they split up, and not long after that, she met Kenny.

Lastly, Lattimore got married to American judge Faith Jenkins on March 8, 2020.

Kenny Lattimore's Divorce From Chante Moore

Who is Kenny Lattimore Dating In 2022?

Kenny Lattimore and Judge Faith Jenkins are, in the end, husband and wife. The couple who just got married shared the first photos from their fairy-tale wedding in Los Angeles. This week, love is in the air because singer Kenny Lattimore and judge and TV host Faith Jenkins got married.

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Lattimore was raised on gospel music and R&B/pop stars like Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder while growing up in Washington, D.C. During his first year at Howard University, Lattimore was asked to be the lead singer for the R&B band Maniquin. After getting a deal with Epic, the group put out a single called “I Wanna Ride,” which was produced by Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band.

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