Emmanuelle Chriqui Wears A Tiny Blue Bikini In Mykonos

Emmanuelle Chriqui, who used to be on the TV show “Entourage,” looked hot in a blue bikini while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece.

The 46-year-old actress, whose boyfriend was Sam Trammell, put her hands in her hair and showed off her curves in the beautiful two-piece.

“Wow Mykonos!! “A place full of surprises, with streets that feel like secrets and magical hideaways just waiting to be found,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram carousel on Monday.

“Even though it’s called “party central,” it’s also very cool and hippy chic,” she said.

The actress also raved about eating at some of “the most amazing restaurants,” swimming in “the bluest water,” and shopping in “the coolest of boutiques.”

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Chriqui also posted a few photos of herself and her boyfriend of two years, Trammell, on Instagram.

In one, she and the “True Blood” actor, who is 53, smiled happily for the camera while swimming in the ocean. In another, they stood in front of a white building with their arms around each other.

Chriqui talked about her time with Trammell on the romantic Greek island of Santorini last week. She met Trammell in 2018 when they were both working on the movie “Hospitality.”

“Dreams can become real. Full stop. Since the 1990s, going to the Greek Islands has been on many people’s “bucket list.” “I guess I was waiting to feel the magic with my love @samtrammellofficial,” she said in a post last Friday. “Santorini you did not disappoint. In fact, you always made us lose our breath.”

She went on, “Every walk, hike, sunrise, sunset, looking at the full moon, and meal was amazing. People here are kind and friendly, which makes this place even more memorable.”

Trammell also posted about how happy he was to be traveling with his girlfriend on Instagram.

In a post on Sunday, he said, “It’s an honor to walk beside this beautiful woman, @echriqui.”

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In a blog post for Talkhouse in February, Chriqui called Trammell her “person” and told fans more about how they were together.

“We spend a lot of time apart, but the time I spend with my love is so beautiful,” she wrote. “We’re really good at not taking each other for granted, and I’m so glad we met in this life. I just have a different feeling about it.

“When you’ve found your person, you’re always happy to see them, no matter what. I feel that way about my partner.”

The actress said that she felt “at ease” and “at peace” with Trammell, adding, “I feel grounded and really relaxed, and it’s really quite unusual to feel that way with someone else.”

What Is Emmanuelle Chriqui Net Worth?

The Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui has a net worth of $9 million. Emmanuelle Chriqui’s net worth came from her roles in movies and on TV. Born Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui on December 10, 1977, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, she has gone from a small-time actress to a full-fledged performer who audiences love.

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