Know About Joe Gatto Divorce – Complete Details!

Even though Joe and Bessy Gatto are no longer together, they are prioritizing their relationship with their children. Bessy brought up the topic of their life after the breakup three months after the former pair announced that they had “chosen to separate.” She stated that she and the former member of the Impractical Jokers have remained “friends” as they have been raising their two children, Milana, who is six years old, and Remington, who is four years old.

Bessy recently gave an interview to Us Weekly in which she discussed her new life and how she and Gatto “will always be a family,” despite the fact that they are no longer together. Their two children remain the most important thing in their lives, even as they continue on with the rest of their lives without getting married. Bessy is quoted as saying, “Our babies deserve to have both of us in their lives and for both of us to be happy and doing well.” Bessy stated that she and Gatto “are friends and coparents to our lovely kids,” and that they “plan to always put them first and do what is best for our family.” Gatto also stated that he and Bessy “want to always put them first and do what is best for our family.”

Know About Joe Gatto Divorce - Complete Details!

Bessy stated that she and Gatto have “a lot of honest chats,” and that they consider themselves very fortunate to be in a position to make things simpler for everyone. “The vast majority of the time, [parents who have divorced] do not do that. However, this is beneficial not only for ourselves but also for the children. We are still able to have a great time together and laugh quite a bit.

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After almost 8 years of marriage, Gatto and Bessy made the decision on December 31 to end their union and divorce. They made this announcement publicly on December 31. Gatto broke the news when he revealed that he will be departing his role on Impractical Jokers. He stated, “Bessy and I have decided to split ways in an amicable manner. Therefore, at this time, I need to focus on being the best father and coparent to our two incredible children.” Bessy, in a subsequent post of her own, vouched for the veracity of the rumor.

Know About Joe Gatto Divorce - Complete Details!

“How are each of you doing? She put up the message, “We’ve chosen to go our separate ways with love and respect.” “Even though we won’t be a pair anymore, we’ll always be a family to our lovely children, and we’re looking forward to co-parenting.” “Even though we won’t be a relationship anymore, we’ll always be a family to our beautiful children.” We would appreciate it if you could respect our privacy as we begin this new chapter of our lives together. We will also continue to aid animals and rescue dogs, which is something that holds a special place in both of our hearts.

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Since they broke up, the pair has demonstrated that they still care about each other and that their children are their top priority. Additionally, they have proved that their children are their number one priority. Back in February, Bessy took their children to one of Gatto’s comedy concerts and they had a great time. According to a statement made by Bessy to Us Weekly, their children “enjoy going to Joe’s gigs and have even gone on stage a few times.” Despite this, Milana and Remington have stated that “they want to be astronauts or vets,” therefore it is possible that they will not follow in their father’s footsteps as comedians.

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