Know How to Lower High Blood Sugar Levels Fast

Your blood sugar level should remain under check to avoid a heart attack, stroke, and other chronic conditions. You need to maintain the range to stay safe from blood sugar fluctuations for your well-being, regardless of the stage of the disease. If you know, glucose or sugar levels in your blood determine your blood sugar. It denotes high blood sugar issues if it is more than 126 mg/dl before meals and more than 200 mg/dl after meals. Medical experts can refer to it as hyperglycemia. The healthy range of blood sugar can be different for different people. Age and duration of diabetes, along with co-morbidity, also matter.

Without proper treatment on time, the accumulation of glucose in your blood can lead to heart problems, stroke, and diabetes. Some common symptoms may include fatigue, blurry vision, lack of focus, frequent urination, hunger, thirst, etc. Here are some quick insights on how to lower high blood sugar levels fast.

Fast-acting insulin

The prescription insulin prescribed by your primary healthcare provider can check the sudden fluctuation in your blood sugar level. It can happen after you eat your meals. When you take a fast-acting insulin dose, the effect may manifest within 15 minutes, improving your blood sugar. Usually, both types 1 and 2 diabetes patients benefit from this.

Electrolyte levels

Due to a sudden jump in the sugar level, you urinate more often. It causes dehydration, affecting your electrolyte levels, including phosphates, potassium, and magnesium. Your body may lose all these essential minerals. Restore electrolytes to keep your body functions intact. For this, you can eat nuts, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Even fruit juices, table-infused water, and coconut water can help with this.


High-fiber food can regulate your blood sugar range for the whole day. You can choose oatmeal, spinach, avocados, barley, and other items for a positive effect. People can also consume these to prevent type 2 diabetes risks. At the same time, consulting your natural medicine specialist can be good. They can guide you even better. For help, you can browse through Make sure you reduce your intake of refined carbs, which your body can quickly absorb and convert into sugar. Pasta, bread, and rice are a few carb-rich foods that one should avoid. You can replace them with lean proteins and low-carb veggies instead.

Know How to Lower High Blood Sugar Levels Fast


During the sudden spike in blood sugar level, you must drink plenty of fluid like water to dilute the amount of concentrated sugar in your body.

Light exercises

If your blood sugar has increased, you can indulge in light jogging or a short walk to relieve your symptoms. On regular days, 20 minutes of the walk can also be good to keep your blood glucose in check.

If you have high diabetes, you must know how to manage your sugar levels. Since emergencies happen anytime, you should ask your doctors for advice. You may follow their instructions when you notice a spike in your glucose range. Not taking steps can prove dangerous, leading to heart attack or stroke. So, please be proactive with your health. And to keep these emergencies at bay, tweak your lifestyle a bit.

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