Know About Shaughna Phillips’ Boyfriend, Billy Webb!

Shaughna Phillips is a British influencer, TV personality, and popular model known for her good looks and pictures. She became famous because she was on Season 6 of Love Island, which aired in 2020. She has also been on “Celebs Go Dating”.

Looking inside her personal life, she is dating Billy Webb. She has spoken out first time about her boyfriend Billy Webb after his recent arrest. Billy and Shaughna are having their first child together in March.

Shaughna says that the last few weeks without Billy have been “challenging,” but she told OK! that her main goal is to “get ready for the birth and try to be as calm as possible.” The reality show star went on: “I can just say, “All right, the show must go on.” Billy isn’t here, but I don’t want to say that I’m doing it all by myself, because I’m not. My family is great. It will be different, but that doesn’t mean it will be bad.”

Read on to know more about her boyfriend and their relationship.

Who Is Shaughna Phillips’ Boyfriend?

Shaughna Phillips, the winner of Love Island 2020 is dating Billy Webb. But she kept it a secret until last month when her boyfriend was arrested for being charged with having a Class A drug. She shared a rare photo of her boyfriend and baby daddy on her Instagram story in January 2023. She only has a few months left of her pregnancy. We can say for sure that he is tall, dark-haired, and handsome.

Shaughna and her boyfriend, Billy, have been together for a while, but the ex-Islander rarely posts pictures of her boyfriend on social media. It must be hard to date a reality TV star with more than a million fans, but Shaughna and Billy should get some kind of award for keeping Billy’s identity a secret.

Know About Shaughna Phillips' Boyfriend, Billy Webb!

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Shaughna’s boyfriend could be seen in a cute picture she posted on her Instagram story. He was wearing a cap that only showed a small patch of his dark hair. Billy can be seen resting on her pregnant belly, and Shaughna added a funny caption: “There’s a 91% chance Billy will be wee’d on.” He’s very brave to be putting pressure on a pregnant woman’s bladder.

After a few days, the news has come that Billy Webb, who dates Shaughna Phillips, has been charged with drug crimes. Billy, who is 29 years old, was arrested by police during a drug raid. If he is found guilty, he could spend up to 16 years in jail. Shaughna, who is 28, is due to have their first child in a few weeks. Now, she may have to give birth alone.

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Where Is Phillips’ Boyfriend Now: Their Baby Is About To Be Born

Webb was arrested on January 20. On January 21, he was charged with having a Class A drug with the intent to sell it and being involved in the sale of controlled drugs.

The former Love Island star, who is now 28, recently said that the last few weeks of her pregnancy have been “challenging,” but things are looking up for the reality TV star because her baby is about to be born.

Know About Shaughna Phillips' Boyfriend, Billy Webb!

She told everyone in October that she was going to have her first child, but in the last few months, Shaughna has had a hard time because the father of her unborn child hasn’t been there for her.

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