Know About Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend And His Past Relationship

Lane Monte Kiffin is the head coach for the Ole Miss Rebels. He’s an American football coach. Kiffin was the offensive coordinator of the USC Trojans football team from 2005 to 2006. From 2007 to 2008, he was the head coach of the NFL team Oakland Raiders. In 2009, Lane was the head coach of the football team at the University of Tennessee. From 2010 to 2013, he was the head coach for the Trojans.

When Lane took over the Raiders, he was the youngest head coach in modern NFL history. He was also the youngest head coach of a BCS Conference team in college football for a time. Kiffin was the offensive coordinator for the University of Alabama from 2014 to 2016. In 2016, he was hired as the head coach at Florida Atlantic. He stayed there until December 2019, when he became the head coach at Ole Miss.

Not only does Lane have a successful professional life, but his romantic relationships are just as interesting. As a celebrity, his romantic life is frequently featured in the media. We’ll talk about his present girlfriend as well as his past relationships. Keep reading to find out the specifics.

Who Is Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend, Jennifer Dardan?

Jennifer Dardano, Lane Kiffin‘s girlfriend, is an agent in the real estate and cosmetic medicine fields. She has achieved widespread notoriety in the Sunshine State. She learned from and was counseled by the road while attending the University of Southern California. Moreover, she is the very last member of Boca Raton’s Lower Class to fill that particular recruiting slot.

Know About Lane Kiffin's Girlfriend And His Past Relationship

They are frequently in the news for various reasons, and this is largely due to the fact that they are both prominent people and have been spotted holding hands in public together numerous times. Lane has taken over as head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs football team. He coached the NFL’s Oakland Raiders for two seasons (2007 and 2008). Kiffin’s girlfriend Jennifer provides moral and practical support for his professional endeavors. Long ago, the Florida real estate agent divorced the famed plastic surgeon Anthony Dardano.

Lane Kiffin started dating Jennifer Dardano after he split up with his first wife, Layla Reaves. Kiffin and Jennifer have never talked about how they met and fell in love. They seem to be happy together, and Jennifer has always been the head coach’s encouraging partner.

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Lane Was Previously Married To Layla Kiffin

Lane was previously married to Layla, who graduated from the University of Florida. Lane Kiffin has two daughters and a son with Layla Kiffin, but their marriage did not work out.

Landry Kiffin, who was born in 2005, is the oldest child of the two people who used to be together. In the same way, their second daughter, Presley, was born in 2007. Their youngest child, Monte Knox Kiffin, is a son. Knox, who was born in 2009, was named after Lane’s dad, Monte Kiffin.

Know About Lane Kiffin's Girlfriend And His Past Relationship

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From 2004 to 2016, Lane was married to Layla Kiffin for 12 years. The two people met in 1999 and began dating soon after. The reason they broke up is still unknown, but some sources say that Lane’s rumored affair with Kristen Saban could have been a factor.

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