Marilyn Mosby Husband: She Convicted In Federal Perjury Trial

Marilyn Mosby, previously known as Marilyn James, is an American politician and lawyer. She held the position of State’s Attorney for Baltimore from 2015 until 2023. Her prominence grew after the 2015 incident involving the death of Freddie Gray, during which she spearheaded the investigation into the officers responsible for Gray’s arrest.

By January 2022, Mosby faced indictment by a federal grand jury. The indictment included four counts related to perjury and making false statements on loan applications. Allegations suggested she withdrew funds from a program intended to aid individuals facing financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shifting focus from the ongoing interest in Marilyn Mosby’s husband, this article aims to explore her husband’s role. It will delve into their relationship, and the statements surrounding their divorce, and shed light on Marilyn Mosby’s recent legal troubles in the federal perjury trial.

Who Is Marilyn Mosby’s Husband?

In 2005, Marilyn Mosby married Nick Mosby, who served as the current president of the Baltimore City Council and was previously a Maryland State Delegate. They reside in Reservoir Hill in Baltimore, raising their two children, Aniyah and Nylyn Mosby together.

Marilyn Mosby Husband: She Convicted In Federal Perjury Trial

Nick Mosby’s political journey parallels Marilyn’s, with his roles spanning the Maryland House of Delegates and the Baltimore City Council. Their joint dedication to public service significantly influences their personal and professional lives.

The current President of the Baltimore City Council is Nick Mosby. He first served on the City Council from 2011 to 2016 and later was appointed to the Maryland House of Delegates in 2017, representing Baltimore City’s 40th District.

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Mosby assumed the position of Baltimore City Council President in December 2020 after being elected in November of that year.

Mosby Divorce Amidst Legal Battles: A Complex Situation Unfolds

City Council President Nick and Former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby have jointly announced their decision to part ways amid a tumultuous period for the family. As Nick Mosby contends for his Council seat against Councilman Zeke Cohen, Marilyn Mosby faces impending federal trial charges tied to alleged mortgage fraud and perjury.

Marilyn Mosby Husband: She Convicted In Federal Perjury Trial

Their divorce filing seeks joint custody of their minor children and requests continued health insurance coverage by Nick for his ex-wife and children. Additionally, Marilyn aims to secure financial contributions for extraordinary expenses related to their daughters’ medical, school, and transportation needs.

Court records indicate Nick’s contestation of the divorce. The couple married in Massachusetts in 2005, and while Nick resides in Baltimore City, Marilyn’s current Maryland county of residence remains undisclosed, listed only as her attorney’s office in Greenbelt. Despite attempts to gather comments from Marilyn’s attorney, there’s been no immediate response.

Marilyn Mosby gained national attention in 2015 for charging officers linked to Freddie Gray’s arrest, although subsequent trials did not lead to convictions. Her decisions, including the non-prosecution of certain low-level crimes, were later reversed by her successor, Ivan Bates, who initiated a citation docket to address quality-of-life crimes.

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Bates, who defeated Mosby in the 2022 elections, pressed charges against Marilyn Mosby early in her re-election campaign, accusing her of perjury and false mortgage applications tied to vacation home purchases in Florida.

Marilyn Mosby Guilty In Home Purchase Trial

Marilyn Mosby, a former Baltimore prosecutor, has been on trial for allegedly lying about financial difficulties to access $90,000 from retirement funds. She used this money to buy homes in Florida. Mosby denied any wrongdoing, insisting she didn’t defraud anyone.

Marilyn Mosby Husband: She Convicted In Federal Perjury Trial

The trial was moved from Baltimore to Greenbelt due to concerns about impartiality, given Mosby’s controversial history as a prosecutor. The trial focused on Mosby’s travel business, Mahogany Elite Travel. Prosecutors argued that the business lacked clients, revenue, and records, emphasizing that it didn’t operate while Mosby was in office.

They claimed that as the business generated no income, it couldn’t have been affected by the pandemic. Mosby’s defense argued that the venture, though young, was impacted by the pandemic. They highlighted her efforts in starting the business, including filing fees and research on potential destinations.

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However, prosecutors maintained that Mosby didn’t disclose this business on her financial forms as a state’s attorney and emphasized the lack of operational activity and revenue. Ultimately, Mosby was found guilty in the federal trial but offered little comment after the verdict was announced.

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