Meet Matthew Stafford’s Wife, Kelly Hall: Relationship Info

John Matthew Stafford is the quarterback for the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams (NFL). In the 2009 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions picked him first overall. Stafford is the fastest NFL player to reach 40,000 passing yards and is in the top 20 all-time in pass attempts, completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. He is also fourth all-time in passing yards per game.

Matthew led Detroit to the playoffs again in 2014 and 2016. In 2014, he was named to the Pro Bowl, and in 2016, he set the NFL season record for most comeback wins. Stafford was traded to the Rams in 2021 after he and the Lions agreed to part ways. He led the Rams to victory in Super Bowl LVI.

In terms of his personal life, he is married to the woman he loves, Kelly Hall. She’s a well-known figure in the same way that her spouse is. She has a significant following on Instagram, where she frequently posts about her husband’s matches and adorable family photos. In this article, we’ll explore their connection in great depth.

Who Is Matthew Stafford’s Wife?

Matthew has been with Kelly Hall Stafford for over ten years. The quarterback for the Rams doesn’t talk too much about his personal life, but his wife Kelly does. Kelly posts pictures of their family pretty often on social media, where she has a lot of followers. She is also sometimes in the news because of how angry she gets at games.

Meet Matthew Stafford's Wife, Kelly Hall: Relationship Info

Stafford has 426,000 people who follow him on Instagram as of now. She shares photos from her personal life, like trips with her family or news about their kids. She also writes a lot about the Los Angeles Rams or the Detroit Lions, which is the team her husband used to play for.

Kelly completed her nursing degree at the University of Georgia in 2014 and announced her accomplishment on Instagram. In addition, she is the host of a podcast called The Morning After, in which she talks about her life, her family, and the news of the day.

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A Look Into Stafford And His Wife Kelly’s Relationship

Matthew and Kelly have known each other since college. They both went to the University of Georgia, where Matthew became the first true freshman quarterback to start for the Georgia Bulldogs since 1998.

During their break, Kelly went out with Matthew’s teammate at the University of Georgia, who was the backup quarterback. She said in an interview that she and Matthew “went back and forth for a while with the love-hate” and that she “dated the backup to make him mad.”

“I’ve always liked Matthew, but I told myself I needed to move on because this wasn’t going to work out. I started talking to the backup, who was the exact opposite of Matthew “she went on.

Kelly and Matthew were together for a few years before they got married in 2015. Kelly posted pictures from the couple’s wedding day on Instagram, including one of herself in her wedding dress.

The Couple Has Four Kids

They have four kids together, and they are all girls. Sawyer and Chandler, who are identical twins, came in March 2017, followed by Hunter in August 2018, and then Tyler in June 2020. The proud mother of four often posts pictures of her family on social media.

Meet Matthew Stafford's Wife, Kelly Hall: Relationship Info

Kelly told everyone on Instagram that she was pregnant for the fourth time by posting a picture of her family at Disneyland and saying that she and her husband had decided not to find out the baby’s gender before giving birth.

In an episode of her podcast, Kelly talked about how she felt about her body after Sawyer and Chandler were born in 2017. She said she was “very body-conscious” and that it was hard for her to be close to Matthew.

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Stafford’s Wife Kelly Had a Brain tumor

Kelly wrote in an emotional Instagram post in April 2019 that she had been told she had a benign brain tumor called an acoustic neuroma and would be getting surgery to remove it.

“I started to notice things about myself that I thought were just signs that I was getting older… Things I had been doing my whole life were suddenly hard for me to do “she wrote in the caption, adding that she had had vertigo several times.

Meet Matthew Stafford's Wife, Kelly Hall: Relationship Info

Later that month, Kelly wrote on Instagram that she had a 12-hour operation to remove the brain tumor and was now recovering. The surgery was supposed to take six hours, but it took longer than expected because the surgeon found an “abnormal” vein in her skull.

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