Who Is Gabourey Sidibe’s Husband? Relationship Details With Brandon Frankel

Gabourey Sidibe is an American actress who gained recognition for her performance in the 2009 film “Precious”. Her portrayal in the movie not only earned her nominations for the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Actress but also won her the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead.

Taking a look at her personal life, Gabourey Sidibe revealed her engagement to Brandon Frankel, a talent manager associated with Cameo, in November 2020. The couple exchanged wedding vows in March 2021. And now the admirers of Sidibe and Frankel want to know all the details of their relationship. Here in this post, we’ll talk about everything related to their relationship including how they met and when they got married.

How Did Sidibe First Meet Her Husband, Brandon Frankel?

Frankel didn’t know how to date in the digital age after his last marriage ended. He decided to take a chance on the dating app Raya, which was only available to members, and swiped right on Sidibe. Frankel later told Brides that the first time they went out was “more than seven hours.”

Who Is Gabourey Sidibe's Husband? Relationship Details With Brandon Frankel

In November 2020, Sidibe posted on Instagram that she and Frankel were getting married. Frankel wrote about how he asked her to marry him in an Instagram post. The post included a picture of a fancy proposal setup with rose petals and a “Will you marry me?” balloon sign.

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“I asked my best mate to be my wife, and she said yes. So happy to spend the rest of my life with the smartest, funniest, most beautiful, and most inspiring woman I’ve ever met, “In the caption, Frankel wrote. “I couldn’t imagine a life without you. We make the best team, and we make everything fun and memorable. I liked it, so I put a 💍 on it.”

In 2021, Sidibe Tied The Knot With Frankel

Sidibe told Brides about her and Frankel’s wedding plans a year and a half after they got engaged. The actress said that they are planning to get married in the spring of 2023, but she also said that they don’t have all the details worked out yet. On Live with Kelly and Ryan on December 5, 2022, however, Sidibe said that she and Frankel were already married.

Who Is Gabourey Sidibe's Husband? Relationship Details With Brandon Frankel

Sidibe told me, “I don’t like weddings, and that’s the thing. I don’t like them. One thing that shows how much I don’t like them is that I’m married. We’ve been married for more than a year.” The actress went on to say that she and Frankel got married “at the kitchen table” about four months after getting engaged. She also said that they still plan to have a ceremony at a later time.

Who Is Brandon Frankel?

Brandon Frankel has worked in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. He has held positions in branding, marketing, and consulting. He has worked for some of the best entertainment companies and agencies, including Cameo, Paradigm Talent Agency, CAA Music, and Atlantic Records. Frankel is currently the chief business officer at NoCap Shows, a company that makes virtual concerts.

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Frankel Supports Sidibe More Than Anyone Else

Sidibe and Frankel are great friends, which is not a secret. Frankel is always praising Sidibe’s work and saying how proud he is of her on his Instagram account. Sidibe does the same thing, but she does it in a funny way.

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Emotionally, they are always there for each other. “As soon as he sees that I look a little bit stressed out and exhausted, he jumps into action to help me out as much as he can. Every time I spend with him is fun. He is the partner I thought I didn’t need because I was too independent. I’ve learned a lot about myself because of him, and I’m happy and grateful to be able to learn more about the world with him by my side “Sidibe wrote in her Instagram engagement announcement.

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