Meet Diane Pathieu’s Husband: How Did He Survive Brain Cancer?

Diane Pathieu is an American news anchor who works for WLS-TV in Chicago. She moved to WLS-TV in December 2011 and works there as a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor. She reports for the weekend morning news shows on ABC 7 and fills in with news and traffic reports during the week.

News anchor and reporter Diane Pathieu is highly regarded as a rising star in her field. She is a standout among news anchors in terms of talent and popularity.

Looking into her personal life, Diane is a married woman and has a great relationship with her husband. The name of her husband is Nick Adamski. However, details about their married life and husband have yet to be revealed.

Meet Diane Pathieu's Husband: How Did He Survive Brain Cancer?

It has been known that two years ago, Diane’s husband Nick was diagnosed with brain cancer and in the end, he successfully won his fight against the illness. Recently, he talks about how he beat brain cancer with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Diane Pathieu’s Husband, Nick Shares His Brain Cancer Story And How He Survived Through It

Diane said, “It was December 21, 2020, and I was at the anchor desk giving the morning news. At home, my husband was having a huge seizure by himself. Then you got the terrible news that your husband has cancer in his brain. Today, we’re telling his story in the hopes that it will help other people who have been given a hopeless diagnosis, because there may be some good news after all.”

Nick Adamski, Diane’s husband, said, “It’s hard when someone tells you that your time is up.”

Meet Diane Pathieu's Husband: How Did He Survive Brain Cancer?

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In 2020, a few days before Christmas, my otherwise healthy, fit, and lively husband had a huge seizure and fell to the floor of our home. Adamski said, “The only thing I remember is that my right leg went up and everything started shaking.” “I couldn’t tell you anything else after that.”

We knew something was wrong when he didn’t work out with my dad every day. He was taken to the Lutheran General Hospital right away. When I finally got inside, my whole body froze as the doctor told me, “Your husband has a grade 4 glioblastoma, which is a cancerous brain tumor.”

He never felt sick in any way. Soon, he started to bleed from the brain and had to have surgery right away. After that, he became weak, was paralyzed on his right side, and got MRSA. Nick was able to use his right side again, and then he had chemotherapy and radiation. He was told he had just over a year to live at that time.

Meet Diane Pathieu's Husband: How Did He Survive Brain Cancer?

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Nick feels it’s worth it despite the fact that he’s lost several fingers and toenails, has mouth sores, and more. He has been through a lot in his life, but this is the hardest fight he has ever had to face. He chose to tell his story because he wants to help people in the future.

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