Meet Dustin Poirier’s Wife As He Slaps A Man For Disrespecting Her

Dustin Poirier, an American MMA fighter, previously held the title of Interim UFC Lightweight Champion. As of January 24, 2023, he is ranked 12th in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Recently, Dustin Poirier, a former UFC interim lightweight champion, was the victim of a distasteful prank while attending a Mardi Gras parade in Youngsville, Louisiana with his wife and daughter.

As Poirier was riding on a float with his family, an individual approached the float with a sign that read “HEY DUSTIN, YOUR WIFE’S IN MY DM’S” – a reference to Conor McGregor’s previous trash talk towards Poirier’s wife.

Dustin Poirier appeared to reach down as if to shake the hand of a nearby individual holding the sign. However, he instead delivered a hard smack to the person. The sign in question made allusions to Conor McGregor’s trash talk during the fight, which occurred after he suffered a broken leg against Poirier.

Meet Dustin Poirier's Wife As He Slaps A Man For Disrespecting Her

Following the incident, Dustin Poirier’s wife has become a topic of public discussion, with some individuals questioning their relationship. For those curious about Dustin Poirier’s personal life, read on to discover more about his wife and daughter.

Dustin Poirier Is Married To Jolie: The Couple Has One Daughter

Jolie, who was born on March 4th, 1989, is widely recognized for being present at ringside during Dustin Poirier’s fights.

Jolie and Dustin Poirier’s friendship dates back to their middle school days, and they have been each other’s pillars of support ever since. The couple first met as teenagers and maintained a relationship for 14 years. Following a courtship of more than ten years, Dustin and Jolie were married in September 2009. The couple said their vows in an intimate gathering of close friends and family members.

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The famous couple has been married for over a decade, and Dustin attributes much of his success to his wife, Jolie, who has been by his side during tough times that nearly caused him to quit fighting. Despite Dustin dropping out of school at 15, he and Jolie have remained together.

Meet Dustin Poirier's Wife As He Slaps A Man For Disrespecting Her

In 2016, Dustin and Jolie welcomed their daughter, whom they named Parker Noelle Poirier.

Who Is Jolie, Dustin Poirier’s Wife?

Jolie is a well-known personality in the MMA community, not only as Dustin Poirier’s wife but also as the Vice President and Director of The Good Fight Foundation. She gained attention recently for her compassionate gesture towards Conor McGregor after his defeat to Dustin at UFC 251.

During an episode of Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub, Dustin spoke about his wife’s unwavering support for his MMA career from the very beginning.

Conor McGregor Previously Criticized Dustin Poirier’s Wife

There have been some controversial incidents involving Dustin Poirier‘s wife, Jolie. After Conor McGregor lost to Poirier in their trilogy fight, he claimed, “Your [Poirier’s] wife is in my DM’s. Hey baby, hit me back up and I’ll chat with you later on. We’ll be having an afterparty at the Wynn nightclub baby.”

Meet Dustin Poirier's Wife As He Slaps A Man For Disrespecting Her

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Colby Covington, who used to train with Poirier at American Top Team (ATT), also made personal attacks on Jolie, calling her a “prop” and accusing her of sleeping with McGregor. Poirier has stated that he has no interest in fighting Covington in the octagon, and has even mentioned the possibility of taking the dispute to the streets, which could result in both parties getting arrested.

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