Meet Lisa Swayze Husband As She Opens About Finding Love Again

Lisa Niemi Swayze is a versatile American personality known for her talents in various fields such as writing, dancing, choreography, acting, and directing. She was the spouse of the late actor and dancer, Patrick Swayze.

When Lisa Niemi was 14 years old, she met Patrick Swayze, who was the son of the owner and director of the Houston Ballet Dance Company. The couple fell in love and got married on June 12, 1975, when Niemi was 19 years old. They remained together until Patrick’s passing from pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009.

After the tragic loss of her first husband, Patrick Swayze, Lisa Niemi Swayze found love again and got engaged to Albert DePrisco, a jeweler, on December 28, 2013. Their marriage in 2014 marked a new chapter in Niemi’s life, and the dancer has recently reflected on how she found love and happiness once again. Despite the pain of losing her first love, Niemi has shown resilience and courage in moving forward and embracing new opportunities for joy and companionship.

Lisa Niemi Opens About Finding Love Again After Her Ex-Husband’s Death

Lisa Niemi Swayze‘s first husband, Patrick Swayze, passed away in 2009 due to pancreatic cancer. After some time, Niemi Swayze found love again and got married to Albert DePrisco in 2014. Niemi Swayze believes that her marriage to DePrisco does not diminish the love she had for Patrick, as he will always hold a special place in her heart.

Meet Lisa Swayze Husband As She Opens About Finding Love Again

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She shared her thoughts during an interview on TODAY, saying, “Just because somebody’s gone doesn’t mean you fall out of love.” Niemi Swayze also revealed that she has a close friend who is also a widow and understands the complexities of loving someone who has passed away while also finding happiness with someone else.

Lisa who got married to Albert DePrisco in 2014 after the passing of Patrick Swayze, shared the advice of a wise friend who said that love comes from the same well. Niemi Swayze stated during an interview that both she and DePrisco still have a lot of love to give, and they feel fortunate to have found each other.

A Look Into Lisa Swayze’s Relationship With Late Husband Patrick

Lisa and Patrick’s relationship started when they were both young. They first met when Lisa began taking dance lessons from Patrick’s mother, Patsy. After a few years, they got married in 1975 and remained together until his death. She admits that sometimes when she sees one of his movies, it can stop her in his tracks.

Meet Lisa Swayze Husband As She Opens About Finding Love Again

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Patrick and Lisa Swayze were married for 34 years, but they never had children despite wanting to become parents. Lisa spoke about her miscarriage in the 2019 documentary I Am Patrick Swayze, where she revealed how difficult the experience was emotionally. She said that both of them loved kids and always intended to have them, but unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. It was heartbreaking for both of them.

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