Meet Tabitha Brown’s Husband: Look Into Their Marriage

Tabitha Bonita Brown is an actress and social media figure hailing from the United States. She creates videos on the internet that blend veganism, humor, and motivational speaking.

In her latest book titled “I Did a New Thing: 30 Days to Living Free,” Tabitha Brown, known for her expertise in veganism and performances, reveals how she changed her life by engaging in a new activity every day. The book serves as a helpful guide for anyone looking to make positive changes in their own life.

Her initial challenge was in 2014, and she embarked on another in 2017, committing to a 30-day veganism challenge to address a chronic illness. This transformative experience turned out to be a life-saving decision for her.

In addition to her thriving career, Tabitha Brown enjoys a joyful marriage with Chance Brown. In this post, let’s take a quick glimpse into the relationship and marriage shared by Chance and Tabitha.

About Tabitha Brown’s Husband & Their Relationship

Chance Brown worked as an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department and gained recognition by joining his wife on her IGTV show. Besides his roles as a police officer and TV personality, Chance is involved in coaching basketball for kids.

Meet Tabitha Brown Husband: Look Into Their Marriage

Tabitha and Chance first crossed paths in fifth grade at Leaksville Intermediate School, and their relationship evolved through various phases during high school. Eventually, they both relocated to Los Angeles, where Tabitha aspired to build a career in the film industry.

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However, facing financial challenges after a year in California, they decided to move back to Greensboro. Finding stability, they began building their family, with Chance employed at Oakwood Homes and Tabitha working at UPS.

In 2003, they got married. The couple has two children named Choyce and Queston. Additionally, Tabitha is a stepmother to Chance’s first daughter, Tyleah, from his previous relationship.

Tabitha Brown Reminisces About 20 Years With Husband Chance

Tabitha Brown shared insights into her two-decade-long marriage with her husband, Chance, and discussed the importance of openness in their lives on their YouTube show. Brown expressed that, with millions of followers across her various platforms, she believes it is her duty to be transparent and truthful about her marriage.

Meet Tabitha Brown's Husband: Look Into Their Marriage

“We made a decision that if we’re going to share our journey, we need to be honest,” she explained. “Many people only see the fairy tale side of marriage, the ‘happily ever after’ part, but we feel it’s essential to reveal that it’s not always that simple.”

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She emphasized, “After spending so many years together with my husband, we’ve faced almost every challenge imaginable. I believe that if I’m using my platform to connect with millions, it’s my duty to speak the truth.”

Fortunately, being open and honest is something that Tabitha Brown finds easy to do.

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