Who Is Meg DeAngelis’ Boyfriend? Meet Evan Morgan!

Meg DeAngelis is the person to talk to if you are interested in a lot of makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle stuff. Or, more specifically, her YouTube channel, Meg DeAngelis, has more than 4.68 million followers and is one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

When DeAngelis posted her first video to YouTube, she got a lot of positive feedback and a lot of attention. At first, she did it only for herself.

She watched other online tutorials, but she never thought that anyone would watch hers, which were more for her own benefit. But as her flips took over that part of YouTube, her fans wanted to learn more and more.

People are interested in a self-made star’s personal life. So, get your answers to all your questions.

Who Is Meg DeAngelis’ Boyfriend?

Meg DeAngelis is currently seeing Evan Morgan. Yes, you heard that right. Meg posted about her relationship on Instagram on January 25, 2021. She wrote “💕” in the caption.


Previously, she was dating YouTuber and singer Alex Aiono. The couple dated for a couple of months before breaking up.

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Well…there is no information about Evan. The thing we know is he is present on Instagram under the handle @evanmichaelmorgan. As he is a quiet person he only has 297 followers. In his bio, he wrote, “Evan PDX->LAX.”

Who Is Meg DeAngelis' Boyfriend? Meet Evan Morgan!

He likes to stay out of the limelight. As soon as we learn anything new, we’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy watching Meg’s latest videos on her YouTube channel.

Why Is Meg So Unique?

What makes Meg DeAngelis tick is her relatability. She’s just like any other 20-something woman. Her makeup, beauty, and DIY tutorials are simple to follow and suitable for any lady.

Who Is Meg DeAngelis' Boyfriend? Meet Evan Morgan!

Her instructions, particularly her DIY techniques and tutorials, are inexpensive and easy to make with anything you have at home. She, like any other young lady, wishes to complete her education and, more specifically, to study marketing or cinema. She also regards J.K Rowling as her “eternal queen”!

In her movies, she shared a few tales about her life, almost as an aside, such as stating that she’d just gotten home from school before she started rolling, making a quick comment on how she looked, and more.

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She dropped out of college and traveled across the nation to try her luck as a professional YouTuber after visiting a friend in Los Angeles and discovering the YouTube community there. What was originally a cheerleader’s video diary has evolved into a sophisticated hub of all things girlish, with life-hack tips, décor advice, and comedic pieces about being a girl.

Who Is Meg DeAngelis' Boyfriend? Meet Evan Morgan!

Meg DeAngelis was born in the Canadian city of Toronto. After a few years, she and her family relocated to Germany and settled down. She recently relocated to Florida to join the University of Central Florida cheerleading squad.

Megan knew, however, that being a full-time student at UCF and spending all of her time to cheering would prevent her from continuing with her channels. So she finally relocated to Los Angeles, where she is focusing on what she enjoys. Her parents are both engineers, and she has a twin sister, Ashley.

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