What’s Wrong With Christina Applegate? Real Reason She Chose To Go Shoeless For The Walk Of Fame!

Christina Applegate is a multi-award-winning actress and dancer from the United States. She rose to prominence as one of the major characters in the American situation comedy series ‘Married… With Children.’

The show, which lasted for ten years, was hugely successful in the United States and was afterward televised in several other countries. She appeared as a guest star in the popular American situation comedy series ‘Friends.’

Her performance earned her an Emmy nomination. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe and a Tony Award. Applegate has also appeared in a number of films. She appeared in films such as ‘Grand Theft Parsons’ and ‘Vacations.’

She recently appeared at the Walk of Fame Ceremony without shoes. But why? This is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Why Christina Applegate Was Barefoot?

Christina Applegate chose to wear barefoot for her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday in order to be more comfortable while she battles multiple sclerosis.

What's Wrong With Christina Applegate? Real Reason She Chose To Go Shoeless For The Walk Of Fame!

“For some with MS the feeling of shoes may hurt or make us feel off balance,” the star, 50, explained on Twitter alongside a photo of her shoeless feet standing on her new star.

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“So today I was me. Barefoot.”

She revealed in 2021 that she had been diagnosed with MS, a central nervous system condition. Selma Blair, another star, has also been diagnosed with the disease, which can cause communication problems, pain, and loss of ability to see and move, among other symptoms.

What's Wrong With Christina Applegate? Real Reason She Chose To Go Shoeless For The Walk Of Fame!

“It’s been a crazy ride,” tweeted the “Sweetest Thing” star at the time. “However, I’ve received tremendous support from folks I know who also have this disease.”

Christina Applegate Had An Emotional Speech

On Monday, at the ceremony where she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Applegate got emotional as she talked about how important her friends and family have been to her as she has dealt with MS.

“I don’t say I have friends. Instead, I say I have a family. I’m taken care of by these people. They take care of me every day of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without them,” she said before addressing “the most important person in the world.” “– Sadie Grace LeNoble, who is 11 years old.

“You are so much more than you realize. You are so pretty, kind, loving, smart, and interesting. It makes me happy to wake up every day and take you to school” She told her daughter. “You’re everything to me. Thank you for being there for me through everything.”

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In between her tears, she turned to the cameras and said, “Oh, and by the way, I have a disease. Did you not notice? I am not even wearing shoes.”

Applegate tweeted a picture from the event of her standing barefoot on her star and explaining why she was doing so.

Know About Christina Applegate’s Husband And Children

Christina Applegate is currently married to the Dutch musician Martyn LeNoble. The couple tied the knot on February 23, 2013. They had a daughter named Sadie Grace LeNoble in January 2011.

Before MS, Applegate was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.

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