All You Need To Know About Mike Leach’s Wife, Sharon Smith

Michael Charles Leach is the head college football coach at Mississippi State University. He has been named national coach of the year twice and conference coach of the year three times. He also came up with the “Air Raid” offense, which set a record in the NCAA. Leach is known for putting together strong offenses and leading teams that like to pass in a way called the “air raid offence.” Leach’s offenses with Mumme and later as a head coach have broken many school and NCAA records.

This week, there was some disturbing news about Mike Leach in college football. After the Mississippi State head coach had a health scare, he was admitted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  Even though most of the attention has been on Leach because of his football coaching skills and now his illness, the college football world has also shown concern for his wife Sharon during this tough time. In this article, we’ll talk about his personal life including his wife.

Who Is Mike Leach’s Wife?

Mike Leach, has been married to Sharon Smith Leach for more than 30 years. Sharon Smith and Mike Leach both went to college in Provo, Utah, at Brigham Young University. Sports Illustrated says that Sharon worked for 14 years as a legal secretary and office assistant. But later, after her husband was named the OC at the University of Kentucky, Sharon decided to quit her job and stay home with their children. Most likely, Sharon Leach is used to moving around. Her husband has been a coach in Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Georgia, and Iowa, among other places.

All You Need To Know About Mike Leach's Wife, Sharon Smith

Mike Leach hinted in an August 2019 social media post about what life is like for a coach’s wife. He posted a screenshot from a Facebook group called “Friday Night Wives,” which describes itself as “a community of coaches’ wives looking for strength and encouragement, who value our marriage even during the longest of seasons.”

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Mike And Sharon’s Relationship Details

Since Mike and Sharon both went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, some people would call them college sweethearts. Before they started going out together, they were friends. On their first date, Sharon Smith and Mike Leach went to an A&W in Provo. Sharon told the Seattle Times that they didn’t plan their first date ahead of time. She joked that Mike was hungry and that’s why they went out. “He probably had a coupon for two for the price of one, and I got to go for free.”

All You Need To Know About Mike Leach's Wife, Sharon Smith

When they got married, it’s likely that Sharon was in charge of making plans for the wedding. In an interview in 2017, Coach Leach gave a hilarious description of what it’s like to plan a wedding. He told the reporter that when it comes to planning a wedding, “women lose their minds” and that there is no “right answer” to anything. He told the grooms to stay out of most of the planning and “as far away from danger as you can.”

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The couple now has four children, three girls, and one boy. The couple seems pretty happy with the life they’ve built together. Sharon takes care of the family, and Mike makes sure his football team runs smoothly.

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