Meet MLK III’s Wife: Know Everything About Arndrea Waters King

Martin Luther King III is an American philanthropist who advocates for human rights. King was the oldest son of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, who worked for civil rights. From 1997 to 2004, he was the 4th President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

President Joe Biden, who is 80 years old, made an embarrassing mistake when he forgot the name of Martin Luther King III’s wife while leading a group in singing “Happy Birthday” at an event honoring the late civil rights leader. The 16th of January is Arndrea Waters King’s birthday, which this year fell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Biden went to the National Action Network’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in Washington, which was put on by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Now People begin to seek information and want to know who is Martin’s wife. Here in this article, we’ll cover all the detail about his wife and more you need to know.

Who Is Martin Luther King’s Wife?

Martin Luther King III and his wife Arndrea Waters were together for a long time before they got married in May 2006. Yolanda Renee King, their daughter, was born on May 25, 2008. She is the only grandchild of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

People who know King, like his friends and family, have often said that he is a shy man who doesn’t spend much time with other people. He works too much, probably to live up to his father’s reputation. A longtime friend of King’s, Rev. E. Randel T. Osburn, said, “It’s like there’s a ghost in front of him, and he’s always trying to catch it.”

Meet MLK III's Wife: Know Everything About Arndrea Waters King

Yolanda Reene is King’s daughter. She was named after her aunt, who was King’s older sister and died at age 51 of a heart attack. Reene has already become a well-known figure in student activism. She went with her family to the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and met President Barack Obama and other world leaders there. Yolanda Reene spoke at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., on March 24, 2018. She was only nine years old.

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Know More About Martin Luther King III

Martin has spent most of his life living up to the legacy of his parents. He has sometimes acted as a peacemaker, like when he met President-elect Donald Trump in January 2017 after Trump verbally attacked Rep. John Lewis. Some people were surprised that Martin went to the meeting, but he told them that he wanted to calm things down.

Two years later, when Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, Martin spoke out in his support. Martin said that the former San Francisco 49ers player, who was said to have been “blackballed” because of his protest, could return to the NFL “overnight” if football fans all asked for it.

“If people said, “Okay, we’re not going to watch,” it would be different right away. But the situation is complicated because what about the guys playing?” Martin said. “That’s what they do for a living, and they shouldn’t have to stop playing, but at the same time, I’d say most of them agree or understand.”

Meet MLK III's Wife: Know Everything About Arndrea Waters King

Martin talked about his late father in February 2022. He told PEOPLE, “I was very lucky to be able to travel with my dad maybe seven or eight times.” “However, the most important time was the time we spent with him alone.”

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Martin said that despite his father’s fame and historical importance, he was a normal, hands-on father who took his kids swimming at the YMCA. Martin remembered that he never felt scared or worried about his safety when he was with his dad, no matter where they went. This was because he trusted his father to keep him safe


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