Meet Morgan Radford’s Husband: The Couple Welcomed Their First Child

Morgan Radford, the NBC News NOW anchor, became a mother for the first time on February 2nd, as she and her husband David Williams welcomed their first child.

On August 23, Radford announced on Today that she had revealed her pregnancy to her family by showing them a video collage of the moment. Meanwhile, Morgan informed her parents of her pregnancy by giving them a onesie, but her father discarded it and celebrated the news by dancing while holding ultrasound photos and a onesie.

Here is everything you need to know about Morgan and David’s relationship as they became new parents.

A Look Into Morgan Radford And David Williams’ Relationship

Williams is recognized primarily as the spouse of Morgan Radford. The couple first encountered each other when Radford was conducting an interview with Williams for his senior research paper at Harvard.

Meet Morgan Radford's Husband: The Couple Welcomed Their First Child

Morgan Radford and her partner became close during their college years, but eventually went their separate ways. However, they were reunited in 2017 at a conference in London. The couple then dated for two years before getting engaged in November 2019. They had initially planned to get married in 2020, but the Covid-19 restrictions forced them to delay their plans. Eventually, they exchanged their vows in January 2022 in Cartagena, Colombia.

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According to Morgan Radford, she feels a strong connection, security, happiness, and love in her marriage to her partner. She also expressed her gratitude towards their friends and family, who she referred to as their “village”, for their love and support. The support of their village made their wedding day the best day of their lives.

Morgan And David Welcomed Their First Child Together

Morgan expressed her excitement for her first child in an Instagram post. She posted a collection of pictures featuring her newborn and her family alongside a lovely caption, “Hello World! Meet ✨ADELANA ✨ (or “LANA” for short!) She is the life that love created. She is mommy’s bundle of joy, new best friend, and her wildest dream. She is the apple of her daddy’s eye and the keeper of his heart. ❤️

She is also the living manifestation of decades of love and investment by her (very) proud grandparents, who cannot stop staring at her in joy and disbelief. Thank you for all of the well-wishes and prayers bringing her into this world; it means the world to us as sleep-deprived parents who can’t stop staring at her full head of hair and tiny little toes. We are simply in a state of wondrous awe, witness to how precious and miraculous human life is.”

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Know About David Williams, Morgan Radford Husband

David Williams is a prominent figure in the field of policy and outreach. He is currently serving as the Director of Policy Outreach at Opportunity Insights. Before joining Opportunity Insights, Williams worked as a Senior Advisor at the Mayor’s Office in Detroit, where he was involved in various economic and real-estate development projects.

Meet Morgan Radford's Husband: The Couple Welcomed Their First Child

William is a well-respected writer, having contributed to several renowned publications, including TIME. In February 2020, he co-authored an article titled “The American Dream Remains Inaccessible for Many Black Americans. Here’s How We Can Fix That” with Raj Chetty, which has garnered much attention and praise.

In addition to his writing, Williams is also a frequent panelist at discussion events, having participated in discussions at prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

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