Who Is Nicole Curtis’ Husband? Complete Info!

Nicole Curtis likes to do things herself and has become a designer and home rehabber on her own. She is well known as the host of the HGTV show “Rehab Addict” and its many spin-offs. Nicole is going to be back in the spotlight as the host of a new show after taking a break from the camera.

The next time fans will see the actress is in “Rehab Addict Lake House,” where she will fix up a house that is 100 years old.

The reality TV star’s personal life is just as interesting as what she does on “Rehab Addict.” So it makes sense that many of her fans are curious about her dating life.

People are also interested in her personal life, in addition to her work life. In this post, we’ll find out everything about her private life.

Who Is Nicole Curtis’s Husband?

Nicole Curtis’ personal life is just like a roller coaster. So, if you were wondering if the producer of “Good Morning America” is married, she is not at the moment. But Nicole was once married to her childhood sweetheart, Steven Cimini. They have a son together, Ethan. Nicole got married to Stevin when she was 20. But they later broke up, and the fight over who would take care of their son was said to be very nasty.

Who Is Nicole Curtis' Husband? Complete Info!

Nicole and Steven got a divorce in 2009. For more than a decade, they fought in court over custody and child support. But the designer fought for her now early-20s-old son.

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After her divorce, Nicole started going out with Shane Maguire. In 2015, she and her boyfriend at the time, Shane, had their second son, Harper. But their relationship didn’t last long, and Nicole was back in court soon asking for Harper’s custody. After a nasty court battle in which they both wanted to be Harper’s only parent, they finally agreed to share custody.

Who Is Nicole Curtis' Husband? Complete Info!

Fans often wonder if Nicole is dating anyone new after all of her bad relationships. The designer hasn’t told us anything about who she’s been dating since 2019. Nicole had said that she was dating Ryan Sawtelle, who was the executive director and founder of the White Heart Foundation, a non-profit group that helps military people.

The two had been dating for two years. They had met on Instagram. She said about the relationship, “My heart is happy, and being near him gives me a calm I’ve never felt before.” Since then, Nicole has been very quiet about the relationship and hasn’t said anything about who she’s dating. So there is no solid proof that they are still together.

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Meet Nicole Curtis On Instagram

Nicole is on Instagram at the moment as @detroitdesign. She has 312K followers, which is a huge number.

In her bio, she said, “Nicole Curtis And just like that, I’m back to being that blonde chick that saves old houses 🤷‍♀️😂@hgtv#rehabaddict#rehabaddictrescue www.nicolecurtis.com/lead-awareness.”

Her most recent post is about her most recent episode of Rehab Addict. She put “It’s time —tune into @hgtv right now. New Episodes of Rehab Addict Imagine every destroyer of old homes locked in a room listening to my voice over and over again 🤷‍♀️☠️” as the caption.

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