Who Is Noella Bergener’s Boyfriend? Inside Her Past Relationships

Noella Bergener is a vibrant and outspoken television personality known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County. With her “a lot” personality, she captivates viewers with her authenticity and candidness. Bergener’s journey through relationships, including her past romance with Bobby Schubenski, has showcased her resilience and commitment to self-discovery. As she navigates the challenges of love and prioritizes her own happiness, Bergener’s story serves as an inspiration for others to embrace their true selves and pursue meaningful connections.

Noella has recently opened up about her current relationship status and her past romantic experiences. While she is currently single and not dating anyone, she has had significant relationships in the past. In this article, we will delve into Noella Bergener’s past relationship and her views on love, self-discovery, and prioritizing oneself.

Exploring Noella Bergener’s Relationship With Her Ex-Boyfriend, Bobby Schubenski:

During the Season 16 reunion of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Noella Bergener introduced viewers to her boyfriend, Bobby Schubenski. However, since then, the couple has gone their separate ways. Bobby Schubenski, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. He gained recognition as a star on the reality show “Total Divas” and was previously engaged to WWE wrestler Rosa Mendes, with whom he shares a daughter. Besides his reality TV appearances, Bobby is also the founder of the clothing brand BlackCraft Cult.

Who Is Noella Bergener's Boyfriend? Inside Her Past Relationships

Noella first revealed her relationship with Bobby during an interview with Us Weekly in January 2022. She mentioned that they had known each other for years and had a deep connection based on mutual respect and support. Bobby proved to be a caring and attentive partner, especially during the challenging period when Noella’s marriage ended. They started their relationship slowly, focusing on building a strong foundation as friends who shared a romantic connection.

According to Noella’s interview with DailyMail, she and Bobby initially met three years ago at a dinner where they were both present with their respective groups of friends. The opportunity to spend time together during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed their relationship to develop further. Noella was impressed by Bobby’s personality and considered him to be an extraordinary individual. Their connection grew stronger as they enjoyed post-pandemic gatherings and got to know each other on a deeper level.

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All About Noella And Bobby’s Breakup

However, as time passed, Noella and Bobby decided to part ways. While their relationship had its moments, they ultimately realized that it wasn’t the right fit for them. Despite the breakup, they maintain a level of respect and friendship.

Who Is Noella Bergener's Boyfriend? Inside Her Past Relationships

Bobby Schubenski’s presence in Noella’s life added a unique dynamic to her journey on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Despite the split, Bergener spoke fondly of Schubenski, expressing love, respect, and gratitude for their time together. She believes that timing plays a crucial role in relationships, acknowledging that it simply wasn’t their time to be together. Bergener emphasizes the importance of choosing oneself and knowing when it’s necessary to prioritize personal growth and well-being.

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Noella Bergener Was Previously Married To James Bergener

Bergener’s brief romance with Schubenski came after the end of her marriage to James Bergener, which occurred during Season 16. Reflecting on her past, she admits to struggling with trust issues due to the betrayal she experienced from her ex-husband’s infidelity. However, she also highlights the significance of embracing self-love and putting oneself first. For Bergener, being in a relationship that doesn’t make her feel valued and supported is not preferable to being alone. She emphasizes that true happiness lies in the day-to-day aspects of a relationship, beyond the fantasies of a grand wedding or an idealized future.

Who Is Noella Bergener's Boyfriend? Inside Her Past Relationships

While Bergener is currently navigating a legal battle with James Bergener over support and custody of their son, she remains hopeful and open to finding love again. She acknowledges her “a lot” personality and seeks a connection with someone who can embrace and appreciate her for who she is. To aid her quest, she has partnered with Seeking, an online dating platform, with the intention of finding a genuine and lasting relationship. Bergener expresses her desire for a “real” marriage, wanting to experience the joys and challenges of a committed lifelong partnership.

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