Know About Pat Robertson’s Wife As He Dies At 93

The passing of Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson, a prominent American media mogul, religious broadcaster, and political commentator, marks the end of an era. At the age of 93, Robertson’s contributions to conservative Christian ideology, Republican Party politics, and the media landscape have left an indelible mark.

Robertson’s influence extended far beyond religious circles. In 1994, he successfully mobilized Christian conservatives, contributing to the Republican Party’s capture of both houses of Congress. His strategic efforts and ability to rally support from his constituency had a profound impact on American politics. Despite an unsuccessful campaign for the 1988 Republican presidential nomination, Robertson’s determination to bridge the gap between church and state resulted in the establishment of the influential Christian Coalition. This organization played a crucial role in fueling the conservative faith-based political resurgence of the 1990s and beyond.

Beyond his public persona, Robertson was also a devoted family man, sharing a lasting partnership with his wife, Adelia “Dede” Robertson, until her recent passing. Let us delve into the life, accomplishments, and enduring legacy of Pat and Dede Robertson.

Meet Pat’s Wife, Dede Robertson:

At the heart of Pat Robertson‘s life was his beloved wife, Dede Robertson. Born as Adelia Elmer in Columbus, Ohio, she entered Pat’s life during her pursuit of a Master’s degree in Nursing at Yale University. Their marriage in 1954 marked the beginning of a lifelong partnership that would shape both their personal and professional lives.

Know About Pat Robertson's Wife As He Dies At 93

Dede’s journey reflected her transformation from Catholicism to born-again Christianity, coinciding with the establishment of the Christian Broadcasting Network. While her husband was renowned for his public persona, Dede played an instrumental role behind the scenes. As a founding member of CBN, she provided steadfast support and was a driving force in holding the Robertson family together.

Dede Robertson was not only a devoted wife and mother but also a respected author, nurse, and evangelical Christian activist. She published two books, “My God Will Supply” and “The New You,” the latter focusing on healthy living. Her dedication to her faith extended beyond writing, as she served as secretary and a member of the Board of Directors for CBN since its inception in 1960. Dede’s commitment to promoting women’s rights was also evident during her tenure as the principal United States delegate to the Inter-American Commission of Women from 1982 to 1990.

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Know About Pat And Dede’s Family Life And Legacy:

The Robertson family was a testament to the enduring power of faith and the strength of their bond. Pat and Dede were blessed with four children: sons Gordon and Tim, and daughters Elizabeth and Ann. Gordon now serves as the CEO of CBN, carrying on his parent’s legacy and continuing their mission. Tim, known for hosting the CBN’s flagship show “The 700 Club,” has played a significant role as a televangelist on the network. While Elizabeth and Ann may not work directly within the family business, their contributions to their communities and beyond are undoubtedly impactful.

Know About Pat Robertson's Wife As He Dies At 93

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Dede’s passing in 2022 was a profound loss for the Robertson family, as she was the pillar that held them together. Her relentless support and dedication behind the scenes were indispensable to the success of CBN. Dede’s legacy is further evident in the Robertson family’s growth, with 14 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren as of 2022, a testament to the enduring love and values she instilled in her children.

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