Who Is Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt’s Wife? Know About His Family

Clark Knobel Hunt is the owner, chairman, and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He was also one of the first investors in Major League Soccer and owns shares in the league. Hunt is the chairman of Hunt Sports Group. There, he is in charge of the Chiefs, FC Dallas, and the Columbus Crew, which used to be in MLS.

Clark Hunt is married to Tavia Shackles Hunt. She won both the Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas beauty pageants. The week before the Super Bowl on Sunday, Gracie Hunt and her mother Tavia Hunt put on a show on the red carpet. The Hunt family was all over the red carpet all week, from the NFL Awards show to Super Bowl Opening Night. That makes Hunt’s family trending on the internet. Read to know everything about Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia Hunt and their family.

Meet Clark Hunt’s Wife, Tavia Shackles

Tavia Shackles Hunt was born and raised in Lee Summit, Missouri, and that she began competing in beauty pageants when she was very young. As a teen in 1990, she was named Miss Lee’s Summit and Miss Missouri Teen USA, according to Her Life magazine.

Hunt then tried out to be Miss USA and won Miss Kansas in 1993. The same year, 1993, she was second runner-up in the Miss USA competition. The winner was Kenya Moore, who later became known as a “Real Housewives” star.

Who Is Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt's Wife? Know About His Family

She told KSHB, “My whole family lives here in Kansas City. I was born and raised in Kansas City, and Kansas City is my home. I was Miss Missouri Teen USA and traveled all over the state of Missouri. Then I was Miss Kansas USA and I think I went to every small town in Kansas during that year. So I feel I have a special connection to the Chiefs Kingdom. Kansas City is such a special place, and it really has my heart.”

In her Instagram bio, Shackes said, “Wife, Christ-follower, sports and fashion fan, community volunteer. Pageant Mom.” In an interview with KSHB in September 2022, she said, “I would say that’s really the core of our family. There is God, family, and football. But we say football is family because we really believe we were made for relationships.”

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A Look Inside Shackles And Hunt’s Relationship

Shackles got married to the chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, Clark Hunt, on October 23, 1993. That made her the daughter-in-law of Lamar Hunt, who started the Chiefs, the AFL, and the MLS.

Who Is Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt's Wife? Know About His Family

Tavia Shackles was 19 years old and had just finished her sophomore year. She was working as an intern for the Chiefs. Then she met her future husband, Clark Hunt, for the first time. When she thought back to when they first met, the former Miss Kansas said, “We met at the Chiefs’ luncheon to start the season. It’s funny because my mother-in-law, Norma Hunt, met Lamar at a luncheon when she was working as a volunteer teacher for the team. They had been together for 42 years.” When she married Clark, she was 22 years old. Shackles had just finished his last year at UMKC.

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Clark And Tavia Have Three Kids

Clark and Tavia Hunt have a son and two daughters. Together with their mother, all three of the Hunt children are involved in the sports business run by the Hunt family and the Chiefs.

Who Is Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt's Wife? Know About His Family

Gracie Hunt, their oldest daughter, goes to school at Southern Methodist University. She also went into the pageant world like her mother did and was named Miss Texas International 2018. Their son is named after his grandmother, Norma Knobel Hunt. His name is Knobel Hunt. Knobel also goes to St. Mark’s in Dallas, which is where his father went to school. He runs track and field and plays football and soccer.

The title of Miss Pre-Teen Texas International 2018 went to Ava, the youngest Hunt. She also dances and does gymnastics. If you look at her Instagram, you can see that she cheers for her school and the cheer squad for the Chiefs.

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