Who Is Patrick Reed’s Wife? Meet Justine Reed

Patrick Nathaniel Reed is a pro golfer from the United States. Since 2013-14, he has finished in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup standings. He has won nine tournaments on the PGA Tour, including the 2018 Masters Tournament, which is a major championship, and the 2014 WGC-Cadillac Championship and the 2020 WGC-Mexico Championship, which are both World Golf Championships. He joined LIV Golf in 2022.

Patrick Reed is one of the most reliable golfers on the PGA Tour. His wife, Justine, has been by his side through all of his successes. The two of them have been together since college. Read on to know everything about his wife and their relationship.

Patrick Reed’s Wife Justine Was His Caddie

After Patrick’s freshman year in Georgia, he moved to Augusta, Georgia, where he met his future wife. In 2011, when Patrick went pro, Justine already had two bachelor’s degrees. Justine was a nurse, a swimmer, and a football player before she became Patrick’s caddie.

Who Is Patrick Reed's Wife? Meet Justine Reed

In 2014, Justine was taken to the hospital after she had a seizure in the bathtub. Doctors have said that she was lucky to be alive and that the only reason she didn’t get hurt more was because Patrick found her so quickly.

During Patrick’s first two years on the PGA tour, Justine was his caddie. As she is only 5’1″, Patrick said that he tested her before they both decided it was a good idea. The Golf Channel says that he put extra clothes and water bottles in his bag to test how well she could carry the weight. When Justine got pregnant with their first child, she stopped being his caddie, but her brother Kessler Karain took over.

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Patrick Was Initially Dating Justine’s Younger Sister

Patrick told Golf Digest in an interview that he met Justine when he was a freshman at the University of Georgia, even though he wasn’t interested in her at the time. He actually went on a date with Kris, who was visiting from LSU and is Justine’s younger sister. After their date, he didn’t hear from her, so he reached out to Justine on Facebook.

Who Is Patrick Reed's Wife? Meet Justine Reed

“I sent Kris a text message to make sure she was safe and sound at home. No response. So I messaged Justine on Facebook. She told me that her sister was back and was honest about why it probably wouldn’t work out “he told. “So I start talking to Justine and find out that she is a very determined person who is getting two degrees while working to become a nurse. We kept talking for a few years, and then we started going out on dates. Best choice I’ve ever made.”

Even though his parents thought they were too young, the couple got married when they were both 22. (Since then, they haven’t seen his family.) In December 2012, they got married, and since then, Justine has been by Patrick’s side for many of his career highlights.

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The Couple Has Two Kids

Who Is Patrick Reed's Wife? Meet Justine Reed

Patrick and Justine have a daughter, Windsor Wells, who was born on May 22, 2014, and a son, Barrett Benjamin, who was born on December 6, 2017. Patrick has shown his family off on social media multiple times, and his daughter was with him when he won the Barclays in 2016.

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