Who Is Peyton List’s Boyfriend? Know About Their Relationship

Peyton Roi List is an actress and model from the U.S. List started out as a child model for tween magazines and companies. Later, she became a child actress. She made her acting debut in the 2008 movie “27 Dresses.” She soon became known for her role as Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.

Peyton List is best known for her role on the Disney Channel show Jessie, but she has also been in popular shows like Gossip Girl, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Valley Girl, and others. She has a main role on the Netflix show Cobra Kai, and people want to know who Peyton List is dating. Here’s what we know about her relationship status.

Peyton List Is Dating Jacob Bertrand

In 2021, there were rumors that List and Bertrand were dating, but at the time, it seemed like just chatter. After List posted a TikTok video in which she said Hawk was her favorite character, rumors started to spread. People started talking about them as a couple on Twitter and TikTok, but we didn’t know for sure until the actors came out and said so.

Who Is Peyton List's Boyfriend? Know About Their Relationship

After being asked by TMZ at the Los Angeles International Airport in March 2022 if they were dating, the two people said yes. Jacob made a joke as the couple was leaving: “Bro, you caught me, bro. You got me in the 4K. We’ve been seeing each other for a while.” The Cobra cuties also said that they had known each other for almost seven years. Jacob said, “I met her when I was 15, and I was close friends with her brother, Spencer.” “Telling a guy, “Hey, I like your sister,” is kind of awkward.”

On the Netflix hit, Peyton, 24, plays Tory Nichols, and Jacob, 22, plays Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz. The young actor said, “I’ve never dated anyone I’ve worked with before, so this is almost like a trial by fire.” “But yeah, we had fun on set and then hung out when we weren’t working,” he said.

A month later, the actress from Disney Channel talked about how it felt to be “caught” with Jacob at the airport. “Recently, when we got out of the airport, we were like, ‘Oh, OK. “I guess we have to tell people we’re dating now,” she told Page Six in an interview. “We were just waiting, and then, well, I guess the world made up its mind for us!”

Who Is Peyton List's Boyfriend? Know About Their Relationship

Us Weekly said that in April 2022, the two were seen getting close and kissing each other on a walk in Los Angeles. As they enjoyed the sunny day, they kissed each other.

Back in September 2022, Peyton told that she was in love with her co-star from Cobra Kai. “I’ve had so much fun. The young star said, “I feel like we’re all best friends, and I’m so thankful to have someone I really love living in the same city.” “He is the nicest guy. But it’s weird because I feel like we’re on the show with everyone but each other.”

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Meet Peyton List’s Boyfriend, Jacob Bertrand

Jacob Bertrand is an American actor who was born on March 6, 2000. He started his career as a child actor in the 2009 movie Duress and as a guest star on TV shows like The Cape and The Middle. He is known for playing Kirby Buckets in the Disney XD show Kirby Buckets in 2014 and Jack Malloy in the Disney Channel Original Movie The Swap in 2016. Bertrand has been playing Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz on the YouTube Premium and Netflix show Cobra Kai since 2018.

Who Is Peyton List's Boyfriend? Know About Their Relationship

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Before he worked for Disney, Bertrand was in a number of Nickelodeon shows. He was a regular on the sitcom Marvin Marvin, voiced the main character Gil in Season 2 of the animated series Bubble Guppies, played a small role on the teen sitcom iCarly, and co-starred as Charlie in the fantasy comedy film Jinxed. Since 2018, he has been in the TV show Cobra Kai, which is on YouTube Premium and Netflix.

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