Queen Of South Season 4 Recap – All You Need To Know

The last time we heard anything about Season 5 of Queen of the South, was back in 2013. After all, the fourth season premiered in 2019. We had intended to see it in 2020, but production was suspended as a result of the pandemic. It’s time to look into it further and see if we can come up with anything useful from it.

Remember! Despite the fact that it is a drama, Queen of South moves at a rather rapid pace. Because there are so many things going on, some of the characters get into trouble. As a result, we will make every effort to bring you up to speed as we discuss all we know about Season 4 and Season 5. Let’s get started.

Queen Of South Season 4 Recap - All You Need To Know

About Queen Of The South

These types of shows always seem to draw us in because there’s something about gangs, the mafia, drug trafficking, and being an outlaw that we find fascinating. If we add in a strong female lead, Teresa Mendoza (portrayed by Alica Braga), in the very captivating series Queen Of The South, the situation becomes even better.

The Netflix original has been on the market for some years. Queen Of The South is an adaptation of the telenovela La Reina Del Sur as well as a novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte, which suggests that Netflix enjoys giving us Spanish-language programming.

In an epic criminal drama series, Teresa Mendoza’s life and ascent to the position of Queen of a mafia empire are depicted in great detail. She relocates to New Orleans in Season 4, which is a first for her. There, she has been subjected to relentless bombardment by rival gangs and other adversaries. Teresa is forced to make some difficult decisions in one thread after another.

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Season 4 Recap:

Episode 1

Teresa moves to New Orleans and meets Cecil Lafayette, a corrupt judge. He cautions Teresa that if she wants to do business with him, she will have to pay him taxes. Teresa and El Gordo make a cocaine trade.

Episode 2

Teresa fights Marcel Dumas for her liqui;d cocaine. She strikes a contract with Dumas in secret to obtain cocaine supplies while maintaining good connections with El Gordo.

Episode 3

Teresa is pitted against Bouchet, a loan shark, in a bidding war for a shipping company. Teresa is kidnapped by Bouchet in an attempt to assassinate her, but Judge Lafayette saves the day. Teresa should know everything about her surgeries, he warns her.

Episode 4

Teresa refuses to deal with Dumas, sparking a gang war. Pote apprehends Terena’s assailant. Teresa, on the other hand, is developing a romantic relationship with a musician named Eddie.

Episode 5

Teresa and Marcel Dumas’ relationship heats up. She approaches Lafayette to try to calm things down, but the judge increases his cut from her as well. In the meantime, Teresa meets Oksana Volkova, a Russian dealmaker.

Episode 6

Dumas and Teresa learn about spies that are working on both sides. While plotting to assassinate Lafayette, the two covertly reach an agreement.

Queen Of South Season 4 Recap - All You Need To Know

Episode 7

Teresa ends her relationship with Eddie after an attack on her. Teresa’s godson appears to be interested in learning more about her life and profession.

Episode 8

Javier is transported to prison to assassinate Cheo, but he fails and is saved by guards. Teresa’s kingdom is in jeopardy.

Episode 9

Teresa resorts to drastic steps to intimidate Cheo’s family in order to prevent him from testifying in court.

Episode 10

Teresa and Marcel band up to assassinate El Gordo. Teresa is owed $30 million by Lafayette. She discovers her banker’s bogus statement. Meanwhile, Tony receives a car as a gift, but it explodes while he is inside.

Episode 11

Teresa falls into a coma, and El Gordo’s nephew presents a fresh challenge. Oksana appears as a last-ditch effort.

Episode 12

Teresa discovers Lafayette is the cause of Tony’s death. The judge tries to persuade Marcel to join his side, but Marcel joins forces with Teresa to overthrow him.

Episode 13

Lafayette’s kid kills himself, and he dies. Teresa forms an alliance with the Russian mafia. “They are coming for us,” warns James, who is wounded.

Queen Of South Season 4 Recap - All You Need To Know

Queen Of South Season 5 Release Date

Given that Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, the program will undoubtedly return for a fifth season. It also appears to be a really action-packed package. While performing an action sequence, Alica Barga showed us a snap of her injury. The production was supposed to start in March 2020, but it was pushed back to the end of the year (November).

Queen Of South Season 5 will take some time to reach us. The majority of the time, a new season began in June of each year. However, due to a pandemic in 2020, it was postponed. In comparison, it appears like Netflix has been revising and changing the distribution timetable for the episodes on a regular basis. As a result, we may anticipate it sooner. It is, nevertheless, implausible. It will most likely appear in June 2021 if it does not appear in March 2021. Perhaps, instead of new episodes every week, we will be given the entire season in one sitting, as Netflix does.

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If anyone is interested, there has been a teaser trailer for Queen of the South Season 5 floating around.

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