Who Is Qveen Herby’s Husband? Meet Nick Noonan

Amy Renee Heidemann Noonan is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and business owner who goes by the stage name Qveen Herby. She was born in Seward, Nebraska, and grew up there. She first became known as a member of the music duo Karmin, with whom she released two studio albums. After the duo took a break in 2017, she started her own project, Qveen Herby, which was a mix of R&B and hip hop. On June 2, 2017, she put out her first EP 1 as a solo artist. On May 21, 2021, she put out her first album, A Woman.

If you’re curious about her private life, she’s married to Nick Noonan. In this article, we’ll discuss their relationship together in further depth. Read on to know everything.

Qveen Herby Married To Nick Noonan

In 2016, Qveen Herby married Nick Noonan, a fellow singer, and her college boyfriend. Nick, her husband, is the other half of the duo band Karmin with her. The couple didn’t say anything about their wedding, so fans were surprised when they got married. During that month, Qveen changed her Twitter name from “Amy Heidemann” to “Amy Noonan.” After more than 320 million people watched their videos on YouTube, their number of fans grew steadily. The news was confirmed when she called Nick hubby directing at their next concert back in 2016.

In an interview, Qveen explained, “I think a lot of people were like Wait when was the wedding?” and “Why weren’t you on the cover of all these magazines? In America, there’s always pressure to get married and have kids right away, but our label was against it. They said it wasn’t marketable, which was silly since everyone knew we were a couple, but we listened to them and had a secret marriage.”

Who Is Qveen Herby's Husband? Meet Nick Noonanv

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“To save the label from their marketing disaster, we bought our first house and got married in the backyard. We just never had a public thing. Our whole family was so sad. We were going to get married, but the label executives told us, “Guys, we don’t feel comfortable pushing your music if you’re married.” It was a tough time, but Nick and I are still together 15 years later.”

In April 2015, the couple talked about how they were getting engaged and said that they didn’t have a date for the wedding yet. Nick, who is now her husband, went to Berklee College on a scholarship. That’s where he met her. Later, he got his diploma from Old Town High School in Main, where he also played in a jazz and concert band. Their love for music eventually turned into love, and in September 2005, they started dating.

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Meet Qveen Herby’s Husband, Nick Noonan

Nicholas Louis “Nick” Noonan and his wife, Amy Heidemann, are one half of the pop duo Karmin. Nick usually does the rhythm, plays instruments, and sings the harmonies for Karmin. Nick sings most of Coming Up Strong by Karmin.

Who Is Qveen Herby's Husband? Meet Nick Noonan

Nick was born on April 27, 1986, two days before Amy’s birthday on May 1. He grew up in Maine’s Old Town. His father is a chiropractor. When he was in fourth grade and had to learn an instrument, he chose the trombone because no one else did. He was given the scholarship to go to Berklee College of Music.

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