Who Is Rick Ross’ Girlfriend? Is He Dating Pretty Vee?

Rick Ross has been a mainstay of the music industry for well over a decade, and with good reason: his nine studio albums have been both critically and commercially praised and successful.

For a long time, it was widely speculated that Rick Ross and Pretty Vee were an item. Thanks to their red carpet experience at the BET Awards 2022, Pretty Vee and Rick Ross were once again trending topics on Twitter (June 26).

There have been a lot of rumors about the relationships of celebrities in the past. Some of them didn’t make sense, but others seemed to be true. In this post, we will address the rumors that Pretty Vee and Rick Ross are dating.

The BET AWARDS 2022: Pretty Vee And Rick Ross Fuel Dating Speculations

A video clip from the ceremony that features Rick and Pretty has gone viral. Since Rick couldn’t take his eyes off Pretty, she introduced him as her “bae” on the red carpet. Snuggles and cheek kisses were the highlights of the moment between them.

Who Is Rick Ross' Girlfriend? Is He Dating Pretty Vee?

Even though they had undeniable chemistry, the viewers are still questioning if they are a real thing because they kept it all in good comedic taste. Since then, many have speculated about the nature of Rick and Pretty’s relationship based on their red-carpet interaction. There were several tweets from curious followers hoping to know the couple’s relationship, and one user put it this way, “Sooooooo is Rick Ross & Pretty Vee a thing or what”

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How Did The Speculations Begin?

Rick and Pretty have been linked together in rumors since September 2021, when they were in a photo together. The comedian put up a picture of herself and Rick posing in a very sensual way on her Instagram account. She just wrote, “Imma Let This Sit!”

Who Is Rick Ross' Girlfriend? Is He Dating Pretty Vee?

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At the time, it seemed like nothing more than a photo shoot. But since Pretty called Rick “bae” on camera, we need to see if their relationship goes anywhere. However, all speculations appear to have been put to rest as Pretty Vee recently confirmed that she and Rick Ross are dating in an interview with revolt tv. There has been no official statement from Rick Ross’ side about the same so far.

Who Has Rick Ross Dated In The Past?

Rick Ross is better known for his music than for the women he dates. As of right now, we know for sure that Ross is not married and is currently in love with Pretty Vee. Furthermore, there are rumors that Ross was engaged to Lira Galore and Liz Hagelthorn in the past. People like Hamisa Mobetto, Briana Camille, Khloe Kardashian, Paige Imani, Alexis Sky, Foxy Brown, India Westbrook, and more have been linked to Ross.

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