Know About Robbie Pierce’s Wife As Off-Road Racer Dies At 63

Robbie Pierce, who was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2018, died in a scuba diving accident. On Tuesday (Jan. 3), the news came from his company, Jimco Racing. He was 63.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our great leader, racer, builder, entrepreneur, and Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee, Robbie Pierce,” says a statement from Jimco. “Robbie died in an accident while scuba diving, which was his second biggest passion in life.

“His dedication to the safety and improvement of off-road racing and motorsports will continue to save lives and thrill racers and fans alike for years to come. What you do in life echoes for all time. Drive fast, and take chances. In Peace.”

Know About Robbie Pierce's Wife As Off-Road Racer Dies At 63

Fans are now interested to know both about his personal and professional life. In this post, we’ll talk about his wife, career, and more you need to know.

Who Is Robbie Pierce’s Wife?

Robbie Pierce had never talked about his personal life much. He seemed to be secretive when it comes to his wife or children. Moreover, no one knows if he was married or not. Recently, he posted a photo to his Instagram account with Christine Mansour and celebrated the new year together. However, there is no clue whether they were a couple or not.

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Pierce was born and raised in the mountains east of San Diego in Southern California, where he loved to play hockey from the age of 5. In high school, he was scouted by a professional hockey team. He eventually quit hockey and moved to Glenns Ferry, Idaho. Pierce’s interest in metalwork and machinery grew as he worked on big machines used for farming and agriculture. Pierce eventually moved back to Southern California because he missed his family and liked the warm weather there.

All About Robbie Pierce’s Career

Robert was an American off-road racer, owner of Jimco Racing, and a former owner of MasterCraft Safety and Impact Products. Pierce raced a Jimco Trophy Truck in the SCORE International desert racing series. He had previously raced a Pro2 Unlimited truck in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

Pierce, who was born in 1959, started out in the aerospace industry and soon started working for Mastercraft to make tubular seat frames. Pierce ended up buying the company and growing it. Under Pierce’s direction, Mastercraft bought Ryan Safety, and then Impact Racing. In 2017, Pierce sold everything to Sparco. A year after that, Pierce bought Jimco Racing.

Know About Robbie Pierce's Wife As Off-Road Racer Dies At 63

In 2018, Pierce bought Jimco Racing of Santee, California. This is a true American success story that Jimco started out of passion and enthusiasm. Its talented craftsmen built and improved more than 500 race cars, trucks, and UTVs, which won hundreds of victories and championships around the world. The building is right across the street from where MasterCraft’s old headquarters used to be. Pierce and Jimco have been doing business together for more than decades.

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Pierce not only supplied Jimco with MasterCraft parts for their vehicles, but he has also driven with former Jimco presidents Mike Julson and Matt Loiodice on many occasions. Pierce also bought J1, the first Jimco Trophy Truck, J2, the second Jimco Trophy Truck (driven by Rob MacCachren), and the first luxury Prerunner built by Jimco.

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